Potential suppliers

SSE is one of the UK's biggest companies with a supply chain value of over £2bn.

We aim to to be a Responsible Buyer of goods and services in order to achieve value for money, managing risk whilst at all times taking a social responsibility and sustainable approach.

We will continue to apply best value and prudence, whilst flexibility and timeously supporting our growth plans within both new and changing markets. Our aim is to be recognised as providing a frontier utility procurement service.

Fake order Warning - October 2015

A number of suppliers have notified us that there are emails being sent from sseplc @ groupmail.com placing fake orders or enquiries. These emails have not been sent by SSE and have a malicious attachment which should not be opened under any circumstances.

More information about how we are raising standards

Supplier Registration System

A potential supplier will find our opportunities either through the Official Journal of the European Journal (OJEU) but predominantly from the Utilites Vendors Database (UVDB) administered by Achilles Information Limited.

Our Supplier Resgistration System (SRS) is core to accessing opportunities to gain contracts from SSE as this is a direct link into the UVDB. Our SRS is firstly about becoming a registered potential supplier but more importantly it's about setting the responsible framework that every supplier must meet in order to work with SSE.

This responsible framework has a number of requirements but the most significant is the demonstration of a suppliers commitment to safety. Only after a supplier has demonstrated their requirements that meet our responsible framework, would they be eligable to be invited to tender.

In return for these enhanced performance standards, SSE seeks to be a first class business partner and our commitment through the Prompt Payment Code to pay suppliers on time is a part of that. 


SSE is committed to maximising the benefits and opportunities for local businesses and communities across the areas in which we operate and wish to promote local procurement where possible.

The Open4Business web portal allows us to provide visibility, regional and project specific business opportunities, and after the high successful introduction of the Highlands and Islands portal, the scheme is now being extended to the north of England through the Trans-Pennine portal.

These portals create a platform for us and our key contractors to post contract opportunities and increases visibility of our procurement process. Local suppliers can view and register for opportunities as a supplier and respond to notices free of charge.

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Responsible procurement charter

Our Responsible Procurement Charter presents some basic principles for working with SSE.

SSE seeks to be a Responsible Buyer of goods and services. We set high standards to ensure that all our business is conducted ethically, sustainably and within the law. We also expect our suppliers to comply with all applicable local laws and regulations and to respect internationally recognised human and labour rights.

You can see the full Responsible procurement charter here.

The Living Wage

LW Logo Employer Rgb

We are the first Utility in the UK to gain accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation.

The Living Wage Foundation believes that 'work should be the surest way out of poverty' and SSE agrees. As a result and with effect from 1 April 2013, all of our directly employed staff are paid at an hourly rate that is the same or better than the rates set by the Living Wage Foundation.

Prompt Payment

Prompt Payment LOGO

Since signing up to the Prompt Payment Code, we have reduced our standard payment terms from nett monthly to nett 30 days. You can find out more about what the prompt payment code means for suppliers here.

Carbon Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme

Achilles works with organisations to help them establish carbon reduction leadership within their organisations and across their supply chain.

As pressure from Government, investors and customers increase, credible actions need to be taken to tackle to the challenge of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Every business should be able to:

  • Measure, manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions against a credible standard; and
  • Engage with their supply chain to achieve an overall reduction in emissions

Achilles has developed a practical and proven approach to tackling emissions reduction. The approach is founded on three key principles:

  • Robust measurement;
  • Verified reductions; and
  • Collaboration with like-minded organisations

You can find out more at Achilles.com.

General Terms and Conditions

You can view our general Terms and Conditions here. These terms and conditions will apply to Purchase Orders and Contracts unless otherwise agreed.