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We know that the way we do things has an impact on people, whether its energy customers, those who work for us or those who live in the communities that we operate in. In recognition that SSE has a deeply interconnected relationship with the society it relies on to operate and make a profit, we aim to conduct our business in a way that contributes positively and shares value. This means creating a fair and inclusive place to work and giving back to our local communities.

You can read more about SSE’s 2030 Goals here.


Fairness at Work

living_wageSSE has been a proud real Living Wage accredited employer since 2013, meaning our employees, and those working regularly on our behalf, earn an hourly rate that exceeds the national living wage. 

SSE has been rolling out the real Living Wage across its supply chain since 2014 through the inclusion of a Living Wage Clause in all relevant contracts. In 2017, we extended the clause to go beyond the requirements of the Living Wage Foundation. SSE has committed to championing the real Living Wage through its 2030 Goals.


SSE recognises there is a lack of diversity across the entire energy industry – just 15% of jobs in the sector are held by women and only 4% of employees are from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities. Diverse and inclusive organisations are more likely to be innovative and commercially successful. SSE has been taking measures to attract and retain a genuinely diverse workforce.  

SSE was one of the first FTSE companies to publish its gender pay gap and the steps it is taking to close it. It has also been working with inclusion specialists, Equal Approach, to quantify the financial return on investing in inclusion initiatives and to develop a new inclusion strategy up to 2020.


SSE seeks to be an active contributor to the communities in which it works and lives in. Through our Be the Difference scheme, each of our 20,000 employees can take a day away from their usual job and give a helping hand to a community project of their choice.

We operate a leading community investment programme, delivering financial support to a diverse range of community projects near to our renewable developments in the UK and Ireland.


As part of its Treating Customers Fairly commitment, SSE's Retail business has committed to attaining the British Standard for Inclusive Service Provision(BS18477). This is the gold standard for companies seeking to respond more effectively to the needs of customers in vulnerable situations. SSE aims to be the very first energy supplier to meet the criteria.

SSE's Networks business has achieved the British Standard for inclusive service provision (BS18477) for the last two years in a row.

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Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre

SSE has been leading the renewables revolution for over 70 years and continues to do so as one of the UK’s largest generators of renewable energy. In January 2017 we opened a new £4m visitor centre at the Pitlochry Dam and power station in the heart of Perthshire. The Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre showcases the unique history of hydro-electricity in the north of Scotland, telling the story of remarkable feats of engineering and demonstrating how the introductin of electricity to these areas greatly improved people's lives. The free visitor centre is open all year and welcomed almost 150,000 visitors in its first year alone. Click here to understand more about our heritage.

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Reporting on SSE's Gender Pay Gap

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Following on from the publication of its 2016 UK Gender Pay Gap in June 2016, SSE has now also published its 2017 UK Gender Pay Gap following the UK Government regulatory requirements.

The gender pay gap differs from equal pay as it is not exclusively about men and women doing the same job but being paid differently. When calculating the difference in average earnings, the gender pay gap takes into account all jobs, at all levels and all salaries within an organisation. This means the gender pay gap can result from many different factors. SSE’s median gender pay gap in 2019 was calculated to be 21%.

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Financial return from inclusion and diversity initiatives

Inclusion And Diversity Report Cover _For WebVALUING DIFFERENCE

SSE has worked with inclusion and diversity (I&D) specialists Equal Approach to calculate the financial value from investing in gender diversity initiatives over the three years to 31 March 2017, as well as the expected value of continued investment in wider I&D initiatives up to 2020.

The results showed that for every £1 invested by SSE in 2017, there was a £4.52 ‘Return on Inclusion’ (ROI). The analysis also showed there is the potential to greatly increase SSE’s ROI if it focuses on becoming a truly inclusive workplace – aspiring to a £15 ROI with more strategic approach to investment in I&D.

Read the report here.

Community Investment Reviews

Community Investment Annual Review 2018/19

In the last financial year,  SSE’s community investment funds delivered over £5.1m in grants to community projects, helping over 460 not-for-profit organisations realise their ambitions. In the 2017/18 Community Investment Annual Review, you’ll find details of how and where these funds have been spent and read about some of the innovative projects making a real difference in their local area.  

SSE Community Investment Review 1718 Frontcover

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Return on investment of Barnardo's Works


SSE has estimated the economic return on its investment in the Barnardo’s Works youth employability programme.

Since 2008, SSE has invested over £1m and helped over 230 individuals join the programme.

It found that for every £1 invested, there is a £7.67 return on investment: £2.22 for individuals, £2.07 for wider society and £3.38 for companies, of which SSE receives approximately £1.10.