Vulnerable customers

We know that the rising cost of energy is a concern for many people, especially the fuel poor, and we take very seriously our responsibility to help vulnerable customers manage the cost of their energy. 

We do this in a number of ways:

  • during 2013/14, we expect to spend more than £50m providing assistance to over 300,000 vulnerable customers through the Warm Home Discount scheme;
  • we provide tailored and flexible payment arrangements to help customers pay for the electricity and gas they use in a way that suits their circumstances;
  • we expect to fund and manage more than 125,000 energy efficiency installations in homes throughout Great Britain in 2013/14 under the ECO scheme, as well as providing free energy efficiency advice to our customers in order to help them reduce costs by wasting less energy;
  • during winter, we have a no disconnection policy covering all customers; and
  • we work closely with partners, including consumer bodies such as Citizens Advice Bureau and National Energy Action and voluntary organisations, to help vulnerable customers.