We are a market leader in the supply of electricity and gas and in other energy-related services such as electrical contracting to business and household customers.

Energy supply

We supply electricity and gas to over 7 million household and business accounts under our brands: SSE, SSE Scottish Hydro, SSE Southern Electric and SSE SWALEC in the Great Britain market and SSE Airtricity in the markets in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We are Britain’s second largest energy supplier.

The main responsibilities of our energy supply business are to:

  • ensure we secure enough electricity and gas to meet our customers’ needs as affordably as possible;
  • arrange for electricity and gas to be distributed to customers’ premises through the relevant networks;
  • provide a high quality of associated services such as customer service, metering and billing; and
  • deliver on our obligations in respect of energy efficiency and any related social or environmental schemes mandated by government.

People need to buy rather than choose to buy electricity and gas. So there is, rightly, significant political and regulatory interest in energy supply markets. In Great Britain, for example, the industry regulator Ofgem has recently introduced a series of reforms as part of its Retail Market Review (RMR). We fully support RMR’s aim to make the market simpler, clearer and fairer, and have a clear appetite for reform and an enthusiasm for working with anyone who wants to improve further customers’ experience of the energy sector.

Energy-related services

We provide other energy-related goods and services to customers, covering three principal areas:

  • Home services
    including gas boiler cover, central heating and wiring maintenance and installation, telephone line rental, calls and broadband services, gogreen and microgeneration; and
  • Metering
    supplying, installing, maintaining and reading meters in the household, commercial, industrial and generation sectors in Great Britain.