Slough Multifuel

  • Category: Thermal
  • Energy type: Multifuel
  • Project type: Project

SSE submitted a planning application in October 2014 to Slough Borough Council for a new multifuel Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant of up to 50MWe.

This would be the equivalent of providing enough power for around 110,000 homes as well as the heat requirements on the Slough Trading Estate.

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Project information

SSE has submitted a planning application for a new multifuel Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant of up to 50MWe at Slough Heat and Power (SHP) on Edinburgh Avenue, Slough Trading Estate.

The multifuel plant will produce low carbon electricity and heat through the use of waste derived fuels (WDF) made elsewhere from various sources of municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste and waste wood.

SSE consulted with the local community, businesses and other stakeholders on the initial plans for the project in late 2012, and presented more detailed plans in late 2013. Since then, we have been finalising our proposals and have now submitted a planning application.

Find out more in the latest Project Newsletter.

Demolition Works - starting Autumn 2018

Demolition works are required to facilitate the new Multifuel development at the site. SSE has announced Keltbray as its principle contractor for the demolition of part of the Slough Heat and Power Plant on the Slough Trading Estate.

To find out more, please read the press release here.

For more information on the demolition process, please read our newsletter here.

On 13 and 14 November 2018, we held some drop in sessions on the Slough Trading Estate to provide information to local businesses, residents and other stakeholders on our demolition plans, activities and potential impacts. To see the information that was presented at these events, please click here.