Ferrybridge C

  • Category: Thermal
  • Energy type: Coal
  • Project type: Asset

Ferrybridge ‘C’ Power Station began generating electricity in 1966 and was the first power station in Europe to succeed in generating electricity from a 500 megawatt machine. Following its closure in 2016 the power station was fully decommissioned and is now undergoing demolition. 

Demolition WORKS

In July 2019, SSE's principal contractor Keltbray removed Cooling Tower 6 in a controlled demolition, the first of the major 'blow down' events at the site. This was followed by the demolition of four more cooling towers in October 2019. 

SSE and Keltbray would like to thank local residents for their cooperation and patience during these 'blow down' events. 

The demolition activities at the site are expected to be fully completed in 2021. In addition to five of the site's eight cooling towers, the demolition works will also see the removal of the two chimney stacks, the boiler house and the barge unloading facility. 

More information

Demolition work

SSE has announced Keltbray as its principal contractor for the demolition of its coal-fired Ferrybridge C power station in West Yorkshire. The announcement confirms the intent to demolish the station following its official closure in 2016.

To find out more, please read the press release here.

Following their appointment as the principle contractor for the demolition works, Keltbray are now established at the site and are undertaking the early stages of the demolition works.

The project team hosted a number of local drop in sessions to provide the community with information about the expected timeline of activities at the site. A copy of the materials from the event can be downloaded here

Community Liaison Group

Please find below the minutes taken at the Ferrybridge site Community Liaison Group, which meets quarterly. The group is made up of representatives from across the local community, including ward and parish councillors and organised community groups, as well as bodies such as the Environment Agency and Police, as well as site project teams.