• Category: Thermal
  • Energy type: Gas
  • Project type: Asset

Atwick is a gas storage facility near Hornsea on the East Yorkshire Coast. There are nine caverns which provide the UK with gas storage capacity.

Atwick Site View

SSE also owns and operates Aldbrough Gas Storage facility, located further along the east coast.

To form caverns such as those at Aldbrough and Hornsea, salt deposits around 2km underground are leaches out by seawater which, in turn, is replaced (dewatered) by gas under pressure.

Due to current market conditions, SSE took the decision to mothball some of the caverns at the Atwick site.

During this mothballing, a life extension project will be undertaken to enable the caverns to be retained in a good condition, and used again in the future if market conditions change.

November 2018

Further works as part of the Atwick Life Extension project will commence in November 2018, on cavern 10. There will be a Christmas break for the whole project team between 21 December and 2 January. Works will then restart in early January 2019 and be ongoing throughout February, March and April.

April 2018

Works on the life extension project began in April 2018, followed by further works towards the end of 2018.