• Category: Renewables
  • Energy type: Onshore wind
  • Project type: Asset

Tangy wind farm, situated approximately 9km northwest of Campbeltown on the west coast of the Kintyre Peninsula, Argyll & Bute has an installed capacity of 18.7MW. 

Quick overview

The original wind farm at Tangy, comprising 15 turbines has been in operation since 2003. Tangy II became operational in 2007, adding a further 7 machines bringing the site total to 22 turbines.

Tangy Repower

In August 2018, SSE submitted a Section 36 Application to Scottish Ministers seeking consent to replace the existing 22 operational turbines for 16 modern, more efficient machines.  If consented, the proposals could deliver over four times the existing installed generating capacity of the wind farm.

For over 15 years, SSE’s Tangy Wind Farm, situated on the Kintyre peninsula, has been generating renewable energy. The Tangy IV proposal has optimised the previously consented Tangy III project, using currently available technology so as to realise the potential generation capacity from the exceptional wind resource available at the site and contribute to the Scottish Government’s ambitious renewable energy targets.

SSE is seeking to increase the tip height from the consented 130m to 149.9m, thus increasing the generation capacity, potentially delivering up to more than four times the current energy generation than the existing site. For more information about the Tangy repowering proposals visit the project page: sse.com/tangy-repower/


We recognise that our investments in new electricity generation benefit from the co-operation of the local community in a variety of ways, particularly during the construction phase. In recognition of this, our policy is to establish long-term funds to support community projects in areas where we are developing generation projects. 

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