Seagreen 2 & 3

  • Category: Renewables
  • Energy type: Offshore wind
  • Project type: Project

Seagreen 2 and 3 offshore wind farm developments are wholly owned by Perth based energy company SSE.

Seagreen 1

In 2010 Seagreen was awarded exclusive development rights by the Crown Estate for the First of Forth Zone of the UK’s Round 3 offshore wind farm development programme. Seagreen Phase one was successful in the UK Government Contract for Difference auction for low carbon power. The project secured a 15-year contract for auction delivery year 2024/25 and is working towards final investment decision. To view the Seagreen 1 website please click here.

Seagreen 2 and 3 within the Zone includes the development of two wind farms Seagreen 2 and Seagreen 3.  These projects are currently in the early stages of development and are shown on this map here

Seagreen 3

Seagreen 2 and 3 are located to the south of the consented Seagreen 1.  For further information on distances to shore please click here

In terms of capacity Seagreen 2 could be around 1,400MW and Seagreen 3 could be between 900MW and 1,850MW.  Onshore and offshore Scoping Reports are planned for submission during the second half of 2019. These projects together have the potential capacity to provide enough renewable energy to power over 2 million homes.


If consented Seagreen 2 & 3 could bring a wealth of opportunity for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of disciplines and aims to utilise as many local, Scottish and UK based suppliers where reasonably possible during all stages of the development.

More information will be available as the projects progress.  If you have any questions about either of these projects please contact our Project Liaison Manager, Murray West on the contact details noted.

Latest News

European Protected Species Licence issued
16 August 2019

Marine Scotland issued a European Protected Species Licence on 1 August 2019 to Seagreen 2 and Seagreen 3, marking the start of the project’s geophysical campaign to map seabed constraints.

Seagreen 2 and Seagreen 3 are located to the south of the consented Seagreen 1, over 25km off the Angus coastline in the outer Firth of Forth Zone. The geophysical campaign work, which began at the start of August, will provide survey data to enable the project to further refine the wind farm development areas.

The survey is expected to take around two months depending on favourable weather conditions and will involve three vessels carrying out the survey work at various points, with a further scouting vessel being used to facilitate collaboration with affected fishermen.

For more information about this work please contact