• Category: Renewables
  • Energy type: Onshore wind
  • Project type: Asset

Located near Bridgetown Co. Wexford this 18 turbine, 27MW wind farm was commissioned in December 2006.

The wind farm supplies green energy to around 17,000 homes and mitigates around 65,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum.

Incident at Richfield wind farm

At around 9.55pm on 22 December 2015 an incident occurred at SSE's Richfield Wind Farm in Co. Wexford during which a blade on a single wind turbine was damaged. Preliminary assessments indicate the incident occurred as a result of a lightning strike, at which point the turbine was safely shut down and the Company's practised emergency response procedures were activated.

The area around the turbine has been fully secured in line with our standard procedures and SSE service technicians are on-site to deal with the incident. The Company is working closely with the turbine manufacturer to carry out further assessment of the damage caused by the strike and to safely remove the damaged component at the earliest opportunity when weather conditions allow.

In the meantime our focus remains on ensuring the safety of staff, contractors and members of the public.

Further details will be provided when additional details become available.