• Category: Renewables
  • Energy type: Onshore wind
  • Project type: Project

In August 2019, SSE submitted a request for Scoping Opinion to Scottish Ministers for the Glencassley wind farm. The project offers the potential for over 50MW of renewable energy capacity.  Development work is currently ongoing to optimise the site which offers excellent potential for renewable wind generation.

Quick overview

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The Glencassley site is located in the Highlands of Scotland, 7km north of Rosehall, 12km west of Lairg and to the north west of SSE’s operational Achany Wind Farm.

In 2012 SSE submitted an application for a 26-turbine wind farm. This application was subsequently refused by the Scottish Government in 2015 due to impacts on the National Scenic Area and ‘Wild Land’ despite the support of The Highland Council.

With the renewed appetite for onshore wind in Scotland and in the context of the ‘Climate Emergency’, SSE is reviewing previous schemes and has concluded that this site continues to offer excellent potential for a wind farm.  The site layout is now being optimised with a view to addressing previous concerns.  Installed capacity and turbine dimensions will be dependent on environmental and technical considerations, but it is anticipated that the turbine tip-height would be greater than 150m, delivering a capacity in excess of 50MW.

In August 2019 a Scoping Report was submitted to the Scottish Government.


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Since SSE’s Achany wind farm was constructed in 2010, local and Highland wide community initiatives have benefitted from the Community Benefit fund linked to the project.  

The Achany fund has awarded or committed to spend £809,543.20 since March 2010. Examples of high impact awards which the Achany panel have made include: 

  • £29,148 and part-time post contribution to the Kyle of Sutherland Hub, which is a community facility for health and well-being with a focus on young people and intergenerational opportunities.
  • £55,037 to the Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust, to enable the re-build of the famous Falls of Shin visitor centre.
  • The fund has supported three development manager/officer posts for the three lead organisations in the area.
  • The Kyle of Sutherland Apprenticeship Scheme (KoSAS), where local young people have been supported to undertake apprenticeships with local businesses. To date, they have supported more than 19 young people, ensuring they remain in their communities, with 7 of these currently active.

These awards have delivered a number of new employment opportunities both part-time and full-time.

Please visit our Communities page for more information.

More information

Project information

An application to construct and operate a 26-turbine wind farm and associated works on Glencassley Estate was submitted to the Scottish Government's Energy Consents Unit (ECU) in 2012 (the ‘2012 application’). The Highland Council North Planning Applications Committee recommended to raise no objection to this application in 2013, however, it was refused by Scottish Ministers in 2015, in respect of impacts on the National Scenic Area (NSA) and on wild land.

In August 2019, SSE submitted a request for Scoping Opinion to Scottish Ministers for the Glencassley wind farm. 

Following the Scoping submission, we are engaging with statutory and non-statutory consultees and are keen to engage with all members of the community.  We will be holding public exhibitions locally at the end of November to consult on the proposal.

Throughout the planning process we will continue to engage with the local Community Councils and wider community. 

If any further information on the proposals is required, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to arrange a meeting. Contact details for our project liaison manager can be found at the top of this page.