Galway wind farm

  • Category: Renewables
  • Energy type: Onshore wind
  • Project type: Project

Galway Wind Park is a wind farm cluster in Cloosh Valley that consists of four wind farms: Lettercraffroe, Uggool, Cloosh and Seecon. When consented and constructed, Galway Wind Park will be the largest onshore wind project in Ireland.

  • 169MW wind farm

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Project information

SSE Renewables has been working on the development of a 169MW wind farm cluster in Cloosh Valley, near Rosscahill, Co. Galway. This area is ideal for a wind farm development of this scale. The remote nature of the site and its distance from dwellings, combined with natural screening by mountain ridges and favourable wind speeds, make for a suitable site.

Three wind farms, Lettercraffroe, Cloosh and Seecon have all been granted planning permission. A fourth, Uggool was initially granted planning in 2004 but SSE Renewables submitted a new planning application in December 2011 to allow for the optimisation of the site layout. A Public Information Day was held in Oughterard in November in advance of this planning application being submitted. Environmental Impact Statements were submitted along with each planning application. These are the product of detailed Environmental Impact Assessments that examine and consider a wide range of social and environmental issues. Water quality monitoring will be carried out pre, during and post the construction phase of the project. Environmental initiatives such as Habitat Management Plans will be incorporated into the development.

Galway Wind Park will comprise a total of 69 wind turbines: 8 at Lettercraffroe; 22 at Cloosh; 23 at Seecon; and 16 at Uggool. The Maximum Export Capacity for Galway Wind Park is 169MW. The green energy produced at Galway Wind Park will help to offset approximately 190,000 tonnes of harmful CO2 emissions every year from fossil fuel generation. Galway Wind Park will produce around 444million kWh of electricity each year. This is enough energy to power around 84,000 homes, that is approximately 88% of homes in County Galway.

The Cloosh and Seecon projects are co-developments with Coillte Teoranta and Finavera Renewables.