SSE has an ownership interest in a number of economically-regulated energy network companies:

  • Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission (100%);
  • Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution (100%); 
  • Southern Electric Power Distribution (100%); and
  • SGN (33.3%).

We are also involved in market-based networks activity through our lighting services, utility solutions and telecoms businesses.



Our businesses

Our economically-regulated businesses

Our electricity networks transmit and distribute electricity to around 3.7 million businesses, offices and homes through some 130,000km of overhead lines and underground cables. SGN’s gas networks distribute gas to around 5.7 million homes, offices and businesses via 75,000km of gas mains.

We are the only energy company in the UK to be involved in electricity transmission, electricity distribution and gas distribution. Together, these lower-risk economically-regulated natural monopoly businesses, featuring RPI inflation-linked revenue, provide a financial backbone and operational focus for us and balance our activities in the competitive wholesale and retail markets. They are core to SSE, to our strategy in the short, medium and long term and to our ability to deliver sustained real dividend growth.

Our market-based networks businesses

In addition to our economically-regulated network companies, we own and operate three other networks businesses, which are market-based: 

  • Lighting Services, maintaining and replacing street and highway lighting; 
  • Utility Solutions, designing, building, owning and operating networks for electricity, gas, water and heat; and  
  • Telecoms, providing network capacity, bandwidth and data centre services.