2019 Highlights – Celebrating Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm

The latest piece in our 2019 highlights actually begins with a bumper stat from the end of the year.

On Sunday December 8 wind farms generated over 38per cent of UK electricity, setting a record of more than 16GW, with offshore wind generating nearly half of this.

Beatrice, Scotland’s largest offshore windfarm, on its own contributed 7per cent of offshore wind generation to this, as it helped SSE Renewables deliver clean green energy to millions of homes and businesses across the UK.

Situated in the North Sea, 13km off the coast of Caithness, Beatrice was officially opened by HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay in July. The gala VIP opening made headlines around the world.

Together Beatrice’s 84 turbines will generate 588MW of energy – enough to power 450,000 homes every year – and save around 8m tonnes of harmful carbon emissions over its expected 25-year lifetime operation, playing a crucial role in the UK’s efforts to combat climate change.

The £2.5bn project is the largest ever single private investment in Scotland and was developed by, SSE Renewables (40%), alongside Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (35%) and Red Rock Power Limited (25%).

Around ten years in the making, construction, led by SSE Renewables, took just over two years, and has provided a significant boost to the UK with a £2.4bn pumped back in the economy, of which £1bn went directly to Scotland.

UntitledHowever another VIP visitor also generated headlines when their visit was captured by Wick local photographer and diver Martin Gill.

The image of an Orca passing by Beatrice in the waters off the coast of Caithness showed a stunning synergy between technology and nature.