SSE updates tariffs and removes exit fees for certain products

Today, 21 August 2019, SSE Energy Services has updated tariffs and removed exit fees for certain products:

  • prices for standard variable tariffs and customers on prepayment meters are aligned with changes to Ofgem’s price caps;
  • prices for bundled products such as energy, phone and broadband have been reduced; and
  • most new energy tariffs launched on or after 21 August will have no exit fees.

Following changes to Ofgem’s price caps, SSE Energy Services will be making changes to its standard variable tariff and prepayment meter energy prices. From 1 October 2019 the typical bill for an average user on a standard tariff will now be £1,178.58 and for an average user with a prepayment meter it will be £1,216.90.*

While the vast majority of customers will see a reduction in their tariff, some very low energy usage customers may see an increase due to changes in the level of the price cap’s standing charge rates. All customers who are negatively impacted by the change will receive a letter/email to explain how the Ofgem cap works and why we’re changing our prices.

SSE will also be reducing the cost of its bundled products bought from 21 August. An average user on Fix and Fibre (energy, phone and broadband bundle) will see a reduction of £87 and an average user on our Fix and Protect (energy and boiler cover bundle) will see a reduction of £74.

In addition, there will be no exit fees on most new SSE energy tariffs launched on or after 21 August (such as 1 Year Fix and Protect v3, 1 Year Fix, and 2 Year Fix).

Customers who are currently on a fixed tariff with SSE will not be affected by these changes.

* Based on Ofgem’s calculation of Typical Domestic Consumption Value: 12,000 kWh average household consumption for gas and 3,100 kWh for electricity.