SSE chosen to take on customers as Cardiff Energy Supply exits the market

SSE Energy Services has been chosen by Ofgem to take over Cardiff Energy Supply’s 815 customers after it ceased trading. As from Friday 9 August these customers will join SSE and we will supply and manage their accounts. Cardiff Energy Supply provided gas to these households and we are working with both Ofgem and Cardiff Energy Supply to ensure these customers have a smooth transition over to SSE. Customers do not need to worry about losing money they’ve already paid as we will honour their credit balances. 

SSE has processes in place to take over customers from failed suppliers through the Supplier of Last Resort mechanism. We accepted 17,000 customers from Brilliant Energy and Northumbria Energy when they ceased trading earlier this year.

The current energy market conditions are proving tough, forcing suppliers to offer unsustainably low prices to attract customers. A staggering thirteen suppliers have ceased trading in the last couple of years. The Supplier of Last Resort process works well for those customers whose supplier goes under but recent supplier insolvencies have left an estimated £170 million in unpaid bills – a cost ultimately picked up by customers of responsibly run suppliers. We support Ofgem’s recent tighter rules for new suppliers entering the market and hope future reforms will deal with the cost of supplier failures being passed to customers.

Tracey Costley, SSE Customer Service Director, said:

“I’d like to welcome all of our new customers to SSE. We are a company recognised for providing exceptional service and are proud to have been chosen by Ofgem to provide energy to these customers. Our priority now is to make sure these new customers are set up as quickly and as smoothly as possible.”