New website launched to promote TRANSITION and the evolving electricity network

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) has launched a dedicated website for its TRANSITION project, that seeks to address, inform and reveal the changes required to develop an electricity network that is fit for the future. 

With the increased proliferation of low-carbon, and new technologies, the way in which households, businesses and communities interact with the electricity network is changing. SSEN is committed to being a neutral market facilitator of new markets that are created in this transition, to better understand complex challenges posed by change, avoid unintended consequences, and ensure the benefits for consumers are maximised.

TRANSITION will explore the most-effective system architecture for electricity network companies to support the smarter, flexible network of the future. 

The learnings from the TRANSITION project, being undertaken in Oxfordshire, will have a key role in providing the answers required in the transition to a flexible network. SSEN has launched a new website to highlight the role and work of TRANSITION. The website, will include information on how customers and communities can get involved with the project, and find out about stakeholder events and activities.

SSEN’s Brian Wann, TRANSITION Project Manager, said: “SSEN is committed to being a transparent, neutral market facilitator for flexibility services. TRANSITION will help us understand how we can most effectively coordinate new markets established, as we move to a flexible network. The dedicated website will have an important role in engaging with the communities involved in the project, but also to inform a much wider audience.”

“The aim of the project is to develop a “proof of concept” for which system architecture works most effectively and test the market models that have been developed in the Open Networks project. During this process we will keep the website up-to-date, so I call on all interested parties to visit for more information.”

TRANSITION will design, develop and demonstrate the operations of Distribution System Operator architecture informed by the ENA Open Networks Project. The project will trial local energy flexibility and facilitate new markets, such as peer-to-peer trading, while maintaining neutrality and customer expectations. Consisting of physical trials within Oxfordshire and simulated trials within the Electricity North West licence area, the project will provide a better understanding of how market rules can be designed to avoid conflicts on different system architectures.

TRANSITION is a five-year project, supported by Ofgem’s Network Innovation Competition (NIC), and represents the first NIC where two Network Operators, SSEN and Electricity North West Limited, have worked together on a single project. 

To find out more on how TRANSITION is helping us move to a smarter future, please click here.