Greencoat UK Wind and GLIL Infrastructure announce intention to exercise Clyde option

Greencoat UK Wind Plc (“UKW”) and GLIL Infrastructure LLP (“GLIL”) have announced their intention to exercise their option to buy a further 14.9% of Clyde Windfarm (Scotland) Limited ("Clyde")*, equating to 77.8MW, for a cash consideration of £202million before costs.

In August 2017, UKW and GLIL acquired an additional 5% of Clyde, equating to 26.1MW, taking their share of the total Clyde development at that time to 35%. In addition to the 5% acquisition, it was announced UKW and GLIL had the option to purchase an additional stake in Clyde.

The purchase of the further Clyde shareholding is expected to be completed on 30 May 2018. Please click here for August’s announcement which has more information.

* Clyde Windfarm (Scotland) Limited is the entity that holds the assets of the original 349.6MW Clyde windfarm and the 172.8MW Clyde Extension Windfarm.