SSE joins Powering Past Coal Alliance

Yesterday, 9 April, SSE joined the Powering Past Coal Alliance, a joint UK-Canada initiative, launched at the UN Climate Change Conference, COP23, in November 2017.

Powering Past Coal brings together a diverse range of governments, businesses and organisations that are united in taking action to accelerate clean growth and climate protection through the phase out of traditional coal power by 2030.

Alistair Phillips-Davies said: “Since 2008, SSE’s strategy has been to reshape our generation portfolio away from coal and towards renewables and efficient gas generation.  If we want to avoid dangerous climate change, then it is clear from the Paris Agreement that there is no place in the future for electricity to be generated from unabated coal. 

“Joining the Powering Past Coal Alliance entrenches SSE commitment to the phase out of unabated coal by developing new, lower carbon electricity generation in a way that is good for people, good for the environment and delivers sustainable business growth too.”