SSE named top inclusive employer in Good Economy report

The Good Economy, a social advisory firm focused on the role of business and finance in building a good economy, has rated 150 of the FTSE350 on how well they deliver good jobs growth in Britain and placed SSE in the number one spot.

To achieve the inclusive economy Prime Minister Theresa May is targeting, The Good Economy believes business employers must create well-paid and fulfilling jobs and the Contribution of FTSE Companies to Inclusive Job Growth in Britain.

The report provides detailed analysis of the corporate contribution to inclusive job growth in Britain. Top and bottom FTSE350 performers are highlighted and inclusive job growth performance across all sectors and regions are provided.

Mark Hepworth, author of the Report and co-founder of The Good Economy, said: “Inclusive job growth is essential for Britain to become an economy that works for everyone.  This report provides new evidence on which FTSE companies are helping the UK meet the good jobs challenge.” 

Rachel McEwen, Director of Sustainability for SSE, adds: “This work by The Good Economy is hugely valuable to SSE and wider society. It allows us to understand the contribution we’re making to inclusive, long-term economic growth in the UK and defines how we can enhance our societal value further.

“SSE is an asset-rich company with operations in every corner of the country. We’re fully aware we must use this position for good and the benefit of everyone. Creating quality jobs and building sustainable careers is our employment ethos and an inclusive, growing British economy is essential to our future.”

The Good Economy (TGE) is a social advisory firm focused on the role of business and finance in building a Good Economy:  an economy that works for everyone. it provides research, strategy consultancy and impact measurement and management services to a broad range of clients, including government, leading asset managers, private equity investors, specialist impact investors, large and small businesses as well as social enterprises.