SSE’s response to the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy

Response to the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy announcement today:

“SSE welcomes the confirmation of the next CfD auction round and of the further available budget for renewables, having consistently argued competitive auctioning for CfDs, alongside a robust UK carbon price and the Capacity Market, can form the basis of a stable UK energy policy framework into the 2020s. 

“Investment in offshore wind creates opportunities to develop the UK supply chain and brings value to local economies.Already, the development of the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm has helped foster UK and Scottish supply chains for the offshore sector, and SSE aims to further support this growth through both the Dogger Bank and Seagreen offshore wind projects.

“SSE also welcomes the inclusion of remote island wind in future CfD auctions. The wind resource on the Scottish islands is substantial, and with the correct government incentives, the various projects in development can progress creating renewable energy for the GB energy market and local economic benefits for the island communities.”