Tealing trip helps students gain accreditation

Engineers from Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission (SHE Transmission) have welcomed a group of students from University of Aberdeen to the Tealing substation in Angus, Scotland.

As part of their Electrical Power module, fifteen students from the university’s Electrical Engineering course visited the 275kV substation - a key node on the transmission system - which feeds most of Dundee and Angus.

The Tealing site tour gave them the chance to experience first-hand how a large transmission substation works, something the students were keen to see in action.

Professor Dragan Jovcic from the University of Aberdeen School of Engineering joined the students on their trip to the site: “The expert explanations and guides on substation components, layout, protection and control has been of much help in the students’ learning.

“We had an accreditation process of our programs recently and some of the requirements from professional societies are related to students’ experience in an industrial environment, so these visits help us meet some of the requirements for accreditation.

“We are thankful that SHE Transmission continues to accommodate our request for an annual industrial site visit as part of the electrical power course. This recent visit to Tealing substation enabled students to see the transmission system components and to talk with SHE Transmission experts experienced in operating across the Scottish transmission grid.”

For some years now, SHE Transmission has been helping students from the University of Aberdeen with visits to Peterhead Power Station, but decided this year to make a change to the location, as Policy Engineer Andrew Robertson explains: “It’s important to us that when we take students on visits to our sites that we give them the best opportunity to see the kinds of engineering and electrical works that are relevant to their course. As there are so many exciting projects going on in our transmission business in the north of Scotland, Tealing seemed prefect.

“With upgrades to the network and an ongoing drive for renewables to connect to the National Grid, we wanted to show the students the kind of work and project they could be involved in in the future. As well as helping towards their accreditation, we really wanted to fire their imaginations so they could experience our transmission business and look ahead to their own futures in the industry.”