Strathdearn Community is well versed in response to SHE Transmission consultation

Responses to a consultation regarding the electricity network in Strathdearn have taken a lyrical twist with one Strathdearn resident sending his response in verse.

Tomatin resident, Donald MacAskill responded to SHE Transmission’s latest consultation regarding the access to its proposed substation in Tomatin, stating his choice in the form of a poem.

With two options available, the transmission owner has asked the community to provide their feedback on their preferred choice with Option 1 referring to the Glen Road and Option 2 referring to the Haul Road.

A range of responses have been received to date but none as creative as local resident Donald who said:

I feel it must be option two
For you cannot be specific
Your upgrade of our public road
Will only be cosmetic.

Instead of responding with a standard acknowledgement email, SHE Transmission Communications Manager, Samantha O’Connor decided to respond in a similar fashion:

Dear Donald, let me thank you for your reply,
There was a reason for the options, let me tell you why.
To safely deliver the transformers, roads need to be improved,
We are keen to make sure the choice is community approved.
Our consultation is open until Friday 15 May.
We will announce the public’s decision soon after that day.

The rhymes did not end there with Donald very quickly reiterating his opinion with a second poem that afternoon:

Thank you for the words in rhyme
I like your contribution
But using the Farr wind farm road
Is the only just solution.

“As for all the poles and wires
I feel the need to warn,
Anywhere but well away
From our beautiful Findhorn.

The poems have been made public to encourage more people from the local area to get in touch during this consultation.

Samantha said: “We have received mixed responses on what road we should use to access the proposed Tomatin substation and want to make sure we are acting in the best interests of the community. I would encourage those who haven’t yet responded to let us know before the closing date in a months time.”

Comments can be submitted via email or post on the details below:
Samantha O’Connor, Corporate Affairs, Inveralmond House, 200 Dunkeld Road, Perth, PH1 3AQ

Further information can also be found on the project's dedicated website.

You can see the access route options here.