Foundations Independent Living Trust to improve energy efficiency

The Foundations Independent Living Trust (FILT) will be helping thousands of vulnerable customers keep warm through energy efficiency improvements in their homes.

The charity will repair boilers, draught proof and improve heating efficiency - making a real difference for people who might otherwise have nowhere to turn.

FILT has received £850,000 from SSE which will be distributed to 133 local authorities across England through its Warm at Home scheme, funding repairs for people who are older, vulnerable or have disabilities.

Stephen Burke, chairman of FILT, said: “We will ensure much-needed help reaches vulnerable and older people who might otherwise be at risk in their own homes.

“Over the past two years, FILT has helped more than 7,000 older and vulnerable people by distributing over £1m in charitable funds for works ranging from boiler repairs to home energy assessments and electrical safety measures.”

The work will be carried out by dedicated Home Improvement Agencies (HIAs), who are locally positioned to identify, reach and provide solutions for at-risk people, who are often on low incomes and facing the challenges of living in cold homes – worsening health, risk of injury and social isolation.

The agencies will work collaboratively with other organisations, including health and care experts, to help those most in need.