Langhope Rig wind farm acquired by GE Energy Financial Services

SSE has signed an agreement with GE Capital to sell the 16MW Langhope Rig wind farm situated near Hawick in the Scottish Borders. The deal will see ownership and operation of the 10 turbine wind farm transferred to GE when construction completes in Spring 2015.

Paul Cooley, SSE’s Director of Renewables said: “We are pleased to confirm the sale of our Langhope Rig onshore wind farm project to GE Capital.  SSE’s agreement with GE represents the latest step in a programme of acquisitions and disposals to optimise our wind farm portfolio and the proceeds from the sale of Langhope Rig will help to support our investment in new renewable assets.”

Under the agreement, the £5,000-per-MW community investment fund associated with the project will be transferred over to GE to manage and is therefore protected for the nearby communities hosting the wind farm. Further information regarding the management of the wind farm and ongoing admin of the fund following the transfer of the project will be communicated in due course.