Innovation in our Transmission business

The Future Networks team, which is responsible for developing and delivering innovative solutions for the SSEPD networks business, recently hosted a workshop for the SHE Transmission business.

The workshop was held in the company’s Waterloo Street office in Glasgow, with 40 employees from different parts of the SHE Transmission business attending.

By involving colleagues in the transmission business in the creation and selection of the projects the event ensured the selected ideas address real problems faced by the transmission business.

This year’s workshop focused on several themes:

  • Increasing safety at work, particularly behavioural safety.
  • Acceleration of network reinforcement for the faster connection of renewable energy generators
  • Improving network security during construction programmes
  • Improving environmental impact

The teams delivered almost 20 ideas for projects, which are scored against SHE Transmission’s Innovation Strategy and matched against potential funding sources, such as:

  • Innovate UK
  • Ofgem Network Innovation Allowance
  • Network Innovation competition

Previous innovation projects which have come from similar workshops have included: