Call for landowners to dial in damage

Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD) is calling on farmers, land owners and land managers to store its number on their phones in case they find damage to the electricity network on their land.

Operating in the north of Scotland and central southern England, SSEPD is aware that some of its poles, pylons and wires run through private land and want to make it as easy as possible for information on damage, potential damage and power cuts to be passed on. 

By storing a Freephone number for landlines and a low cost number in their mobile phones, it’s hoped that any areas of concern such as wires down, leaning or broken poles or damaged pylons can be spotted and reported quickly, allowing the network operator to act quickly and hopefully allow for repairs to be made that would otherwise escalate if left unattended.

SSEPD’s Director of Engineering, Alan Broadbent explains why early intervention is vital: "We really appreciate the job that people who work on the land do in helping us keep our network safe and secure. By reporting to us things that don't look right, you could prevent a power cut, or even prevent someone being hurt. 

“If you spot anything to do with our network that gives you cause for concern, please call us as quickly as possible. We may need to gain access to land or property in an emergency but the sooner we are aware, the sooner we can act and hopefully limit any further damage and allay any potential power cuts.”

For anyone who is unsure who their transmission or distribution network operator is, SSEPD has a postcode searcher on their website - and those who fall within SSEPD’s area are asked to store the following location appropriate numbers in their phone: 

Central Southern England: (Landline) 0800 072 7282
Central Southern England: (Mobile friendly) 0345 072 1905

North of Scotland: (Landline) 0800 300 999
North of Scotland: (Mobile friendly) 0345 072 1901

What should you look out for on your land?

  • Power cuts – if you experience any loss of power to buildings /plant on your land.
  • Wires down – any cables that have come down may be live, so please be aware and exercise caution.
  • Leaning poles – any poles that may be leaning over. SSEPD will be able to repair the pole before it comes down therefore preventing loss of power.
  • Broken Poles – this could have an effect on a large area of SSEPD’s network and could require remedial work to be completed.
  • Any accidental damage to our equipment – we understand sometimes accidents happen, so if any machinery does strike an overhead line, please contact SSEPD immediately. 

Alastair Deighton from Smiths Gore , a firm of Chartered Surveyors, contacted SSEPD recently when he spotted an area of concern: “On a routine visit to an estate we manage  in Perthshire I  noticed a change in course to a river due to recent flooding, leaving a nearby electricity pole in danger of being pulled down by the flow of the water. 

“Knowing the potential dangers of a combination of electricity and water, I realised I would have to act quickly but as the river was exceptionally mobile, I had no guarantee of success in trying to remedy the situation myself and called SSEPD immediately.”

Alan Broadbent added: “Having contacted SSEPD as soon as Alastair spotted the problem, he enabled us to act before the situation became more dangerous and that’s why we’re asking for these numbers to be stored in mobiles and landlines. We want to reassure people that when they come across areas of damage or potential damage, they just need to make one call and we will work to resolve the situation as safely and quickly as possible.”