Why Eilidh is proud to be Scotland's poster girl


Team Scotland poster girl Eilidh Child made her fiancé pull their car over to get a picture in front of a huge billboard with her emblazoned on it.

The 400m hurdler said it was a special moment when she first saw it at Glasgow Airport.

Eilidh is appearing on billboards and bus stops around the city for Team Scotland as well as for SSE.

But the Scottish record holder says isn’t embarrassed, in fact she thinks it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

She said: “It’s really cool to be on the billboards.

“I’m never going to experience this again, it’s the only time I’ll probably have my face on the billboards and buses so I’m just trying to enjoy it.

“There’s a big massive one next to Glasgow airport and I said I really want a photo of me with that.

“I jumped out the car, Brian got a quick photo and we got back it the car and got going, it was fun.”

The Perth born champion is encouraging people to get out and soak up the atmosphere now that the games have begun.

Even if you don’t have a ticket any sporting events, Eilidh said there is plenty to see and do in Glasgow.

She said: “Glasgow is buzzing. If you don’t have a ticket that doesn’t mean you can’t be involved.

“There’s so much going on and even if you just go out and wander about the town and be amongst people you will get a real feel for it.”

Eilidh took time out to meet her fans at SSE’s giant hashtag at the Festival 2014 zone at Glasgow Green.

She was giving autographs and getting her pictures taken with her supporters ahead of her key race events which start on Tuesday.

The SSE Ambassador will officially move into the athletes’ village on Sunday.

Eilidh revealed she actually watched the opening ceremony on TV rather than take part as she was still undergoing her final preparations for competing.

She said: The 27-year-old said: “The dogs were my favourite bit.

“I thought it was brilliant and a nice touch.

“The best part of the ceremony is when they bring out the countries and for those Scottish athletes to have that experience is amazing.

“You saw the crowd when Wales had gone out and you knew Scotland was going to be next and you could hear the crowd getting louder and louder.

“That night saw the rest of the world join us for the Games.”