Responsible neighbour, sustainable partner

Through our existing operations and new developments, SSE is part of communities throughout the UK and Ireland.  In any community, each member has a responsibility to make an active contribution – we are clear that includes us.

Building on our hydro-electric heritage, SSE is now the largest generator of renewable energy in Great Britain, operating 80 wind farms and hydro stations across the country. Combined, they generate enough energy to power over 2 million homes, displace millions of tonnes of CO2e each year and provide employment and contracts to thousands of people and businesses.

Our developments can also have a significant social impact too. In the last financial year, SSE’s community investment funds have delivered over £4.5 million in grants to local projects, big and small, helping over 350 not-for-profit organisations realise their ambitions. Better still, these awards have enabled a further £9million in match funding from other sources – making their overall impact even more substantial.

This contribution has been helped, in no small part, by the panel members and trust directors who volunteer their time to make the right decisions for their community. Without their support, the impact of SSE’s funding would undoubtedly be less and I’d like to thank them all for their dedication and input over the past year.

The positive impact our funds are having is welcome, but it’s not enough to simply do the right thing. I believe a truly responsible company is also one that is transparent and accountable to the communities in which it works.

That’s why we’ve put together this report, our first Community Investment Annual Review, to show you how, where and when SSE’s community funds are being spent and highlighting some of the innovative and sustainable projects each community is choosing to support.

The report also sets out SSE’s approach to community investment, acting as a responsible neighbourin our approach to policy and engagement and as a sustainable partnerin actively working with communities to support effective fund spend to their long-term benefit.

I hope, like me, you’ll be inspired reading about the impact SSE’s funds are already having in communities and excited about the opportunities they will provide for decades to come.

If you have any feedback about the report, or our plans for community investment, then please do get in touch.

This report is just one of the ways SSE is being open and transparent about the impact of its activities. You can find out more by visiting

About the author

Colin Nicol Managing Director, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Colin Nicol is Managing Director, Networks. He joined SSE in 2010 and is responsible for SSE’s electricity networks. Colin represents the Networks business at the Executive Committee.

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