Clyde South Lanarkshire

Through our Clyde South Lanarkshire wind farm we make around £860,000 per year available for community and charitable projects. Over its lifetime we expect to invest £38million in local projects.

Clyde South Lanarkshire


The community fund

The community fund is for projects within the Clyde wind farm area, up to around 15km from the wind farm near Abington.

Projects in the following community council areas can apply:

  • Biggar
  • Crawford and Elvanfoot
  • Duneaton
  • Leadhills
  • Quothquan and Thankerton
  • Sympington

You can find out who is eligible to apply here

How to Apply

The Clyde Wind Farm Community Fund is currently managed by South Lanarkshire Council. To discuss your idea with a Project Officer and to request an application form, please visit this link. 

Awards made in the year to 1st october 2019




Abington Community Group School House Project Consultancy £10,922
Abington Tennis Club Clubhouse refurbishment £56,841
Biggar and District Civic Society Signage Upgrade £20,600
Crawford WRI 100th Anniversary Event £3,320
Tinto Village Day Gala Day £4,495
Douglas Valley Photography Club Calendar Project £642
Douglas Water Golf Club Garage Extension £1,688 Group Feasibility Study £9,989
Crawfordjohn Heritage Venture Trust Heating and conservation project £83,476
Biggar Rugby Football Club Athletics Project £9,950
Crawford Gala Day Committee Gala Equipment £7,906
Biggar Little Festival Orchestra Project £3,294
Coulter Curling 200 year Anniversary £2,394
Coulter WRI 100 year Anniversary £2,293

Contact details

For more information on this fund please contact:

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Gareth Shields

Community Investment Manager

Tel: 0141 224 7712