Clyde Extension

Through our Clyde Extension wind farm we make around £300,000 per year available for community and charitable projects. Over its lifetime we expect to invest £7.5million in local projects.

Project Eligibility

The First Year

The first year of the funding has been ring-fenced for the community council areas of Duneaton, and Crawford & Elvanfoot.

Crawford and Elvanfoot has decided to split its allocation into three. An £8,000 ‘Kick-start’ fund administered by the Community Council was available for individuals and non-constituted groups to apply for up to £1,000. £25,000 has now been made available for constituted groups to apply for projects up to the value of £10,000. With £110,000 being kept for a large scale transformational project, decided upon by the local community.

The Enduring Years

SSE has consulted with the communities on how the fund will operate and is now engaged in conversation with the relevant communities.


Following its initial consultation, SSE received four responses, three from Community Councils and one individual. These are provided below:

SSE will now consider these, with the next steps being to engage the six Community Councils to discuss the potential fund framework further. Following these discussions, and once a consensus has been reached, a formal proposal will be put forward for Community Councils to adopt.

Contact details

For more information on this fund please contact:

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Gareth Shields

Community Investment Manager

Tel: 0141 224 7712