Help towards the cost of electrical connections

The Scottish Hydro Electric Community Trust is an independent charitable trust, which was established by Scottish Hydro-Electric plc (now SSE plc) to provide help to customers in the north of Scotland (Dunblane northwards), faced with high charges for an electricity connection.

Although we are not allowed to differentiate between customers or to cross-subsidise customer connection, the company is aware of the problems caused by high connection charges in rural communities.

The Trust was established in 1998 with independent Trustees appointed to award grants to offset high connection costs in deserving individual domestic cases and for special community projects.

The Scottish Hydro Electric Community Trust's registered charity number is SCO27243.

How to apply

First you should obtain a quotation for the electricity supply from the local Scottish Hydro Electric depot. The supply must be for a domestic property or a community project. It can be for a new property or to upgrade an existing supply.

Award conditions

  • Applications for connections in the north of Scotland, Highlands and Islands click here to check if you are within the distribution area.
  • The property can be for domestic use or a community venture which is not profit distributing.
  • Domestic properties must be the sole residence of the applicant.
  • Outline planning permission, where required, must have been granted before an application is submitted.
  • Applicants should be a member of the local community. Applications for holiday or second homes will not be considered.
  • Applications for retrospective connections will not be considered unless special circumstances apply and these are detailed in the application form.
  • Applications relating to connections or upgrades for renewable energy installations will be considered.
  • Applicants are required to provide information on the costs, funding and purpose of their project.
  • Applicants are required to provide information about their financial status, which may be the subject of further enquiries as may be determined by the Trustees.

Levels of award

The level of award granted will be at the sole discretion of the Trustees. For domestic customers a grant of routinely up to 50% of the connection cost may be awarded. For community projects a grant of routinely between 50% and 75% may be awarded and the benefit to the community will influence the grant.

Application form

To apply for an award, you should complete and return an application form to the connection manager who issued your connection quotation. The connection manager will prepare a report that details the connection work required and forward it, on your behalf, to the Trust Secretary. Alternatively, you may choose to return the application direct to the Trust Secretary.

The Trustees meet three times a year to consider applications. Your application must be received at least three weeks before a Trustees' meeting.

Award decision

You will be advised of the decision regarding your application as soon as possible after the Trustees' meeting at which your application was considered. The decision of the Trustees is final.

Visit the Community Trust website now.