If you’re a parent, guardian, influencer or primary caregiver in a young person’s life, you may be helping them consider their first steps in to employment. An Apprenticeship or Trainee Engineering programme could be their fast track to career progression. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of FAQs but, in short, an apprenticeship at SSE provides a salary, industry-leading training and the opportunity to gain qualifications whilst benefiting from valuable work experience. The programme can take up to four years to complete and is centred on work-based learning. SSE invest in the region of £80,000 in the training and development of each apprentice and 92% of our apprentices remain in employment.



Making the move from education to the world of work is a big step and you’ll no doubt be wondering how you help your child navigate this transition.

  • Encourage your child to check the privacy settings on their social media and ensure that anything that’s public is appropriate for an employer to view.
  • Practically, they’ll need a bank account, their National Insurance number and an email address that is suitable for work.
  • It may well be your child’s first experience of an interview. If you’re helping them to prepare, our interview tips might come in handy.

The most important thing to know if your child is considering a career with SSE, is that the safety of all our employees is paramount – if it’s not safe we don’t do it.

SSE employee benefits

Myth de-bunker

Are Apprenticeships just for students that don’t get the grades to go to University?

Apprenticeships are not inferior to university but are purely an alternative route to gaining a meaningful and rewarding long term career, with a company that is willing to significantly invest in training and development. We are looking for career-focused individuals, who have considered their options and are keen to enter the world of work but also continue to learn and develop their skills. University isn’t always the right choice for everyone and apprenticeships are a fantastic alternative which offers the opportunity to continue studying but also earn whilst learning.

Do University Graduates earn more money than apprentices?

We view our apprentices as vital to the future success of our company and want to make sure we help them achieve their full potential. We invest heavily in our trainee programmes; they are a massive investment in our apprentices’ future and ours. For example, we invest over £80,000 in our apprentices over 3 years – through employment, mentors, training, and further study. As their skills and experience develop, so will their salary. The average gap between the lifetime earnings of apprentices and university graduates has narrowed over recent years and currently stands at £2,200 (1.8%), equivalent to just £4 a month!

My daughter has an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers, but isn’t the industry male dominated?

We are absolutely committed to taking measures to address gender imbalance and equality issues for those considering apprenticeships and trainee programmes in STEM subjects. 2016 proved to be a significant year for SSE in its diversity and inclusion journey. We are the first energy company in the industry to publish detailed reporting into the gender pay gap in our company in order to be open and transparent. In addition to a number of internal programmes aimed at addressing some of the issues the company is facing, SSE partnered with external organisations including Teach First, The Women's Engineering Society, Prospect and Equate Scotland. We are also visiting more schools, conducting joint events with bodies such as Skills Development Scotland and the Glasgow Science Centre to encourage females with an interest to pursue careers in STEM subjects and change the status quo of our industry being male-dominated.

I don't think my child is ready for a work environment.

We have SSE mentors who help guide our apprentices throughout their programme and there is also a dedicated Programme Manager who oversees the learning journey of our Apprentices. Some of our Apprentices do spend some time staying away at an academic provider. This is usually for 2-3 weeks blocks, once per term. We tend to find most apprentices settle in well as they have met and made friends with colleagues that are also on the programme with SSE. Many say they actually enjoy these study blocks as they are with like minded individuals who want to get on and do well. It’s good to know too that as a company we also pay for any travel and accommodation required whilst on study blocks. The only exception to study blocks are our Apprentices within the Wholesale Renewables business as they attend college full time for their first 18 months on programme with us.