Chances are you’ll have some questions, we’ve collated our most frequently asked here.  


How old do I have to be to be eligible to apply?

The only requirement is that you’re aged 16 or above when the apprenticeship begins. There is no upper age limit.

Are existing employees eligible to apply?

Yes. Existing employees can apply for all roles as advertised on the careers page as long as you meet the entry requirements for the programme.

I am an International student/applicant am I eligible for the graduate programme?

If you already have your visa in place and therefore have the right to work in UK you are welcome to apply.

However, we are unable to sponsor applicants whom require a visa to work in UK and therefore would not be able to progress your application if you are in this situation. 

How often do you recruit?

We typically advertise our roles from January – March and complete the majority of our face-to-face assessments in April.

What will my working hours be?

Your contractual working hours will be 37 each week. Your start and finish times will be flexible in accordance with your placement location’s requirements.

Will I get any holidays?

Yes. Your contracted holidays will be 34 days each year, inclusive of bank holidays. These must be agreed in advance with your line manager.

Is SSE an equal opportunities employer?

SSE values the differences that a diverse workforce brings to the organisation, through the wide ranging knowledge and experience of individuals from all sectors of society. 

SSE will not discriminate because of the protected characteristics of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (which includes colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins), religion or belief (which includes political belief in Northern Ireland), sex or sexual orientation and membership of a travelling community in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We will not discriminate because of any other irrelevant factor. 

SSE will build a culture that values openness, fairness and transparency, and in which all decisions are based on merit.  

SSE recognises the need to maximise the value of its contribution to diversity and inclusion and will endeavour to maintain a highly skilled and motivated workforce, in an environment where all employees have an equal opportunity to progress within SSE. 

SSE will take positive steps to encourage diversity and demonstrate inclusivity for all members of society in our workforce. 

SSE reviews our conditions of service, benefits and facilities to ensure they are fair for all staff. 

SSE will monitor the physical features of our premises to consider whether they place disabled workers, job applicants or service users at a substantial disadvantage compared to other staff and take efforts to make our premises accessible for all.

If you are disabled or become disabled, we encourage you to tell us about your condition so that we can identify what steps we can take to support you.

The Programme

How will the programme benefit me?

An SSE Apprenticeship will allow you to achieve qualifications in your chosen area whilst receiving the practical work experience at the same time. Plus you will be earning a salary with all college costs being covered by SSE.

Can I complete my programme part-time?

No, this is full time programme.

Do you help with the relocation process if required?

No, if you choose a role out with the area you currently live you would need to find your own accommodation.

What will I be paid?

Our Apprentices earn circa £10,000 per year and our Trainee Engineers earn circa £19,000 per year.

How is the programme structured?

At the start of your programme you would initially attend a week long induction either in Scotland or the South of England (depending on your location). During this week you will meet your programme coordinator, key members of SSE staff and SSE mentors.

In your second week if you are employed to our Contracting or Networks Businesses you would then attend your induction at the college at which you will complete your qualification. From then onwards you will work out of your SSE depot each week as you would in any other employed role but each academic term you will attend college for a block of 2 weeks at a time. All of this information will be given to you at your college induction so that you know where you should be and when.

Renewables Operations Apprentices within our Wholesale business follow a different schedule after the week long induction. Following your induction week you will then attend college on a full time basis for a period of 18 months. During this time you will also take the standard college holidays except for the Easter break when you will work within the business for 2 weeks. Likewise in the summer you will take 2 weeks of summer holidays and then you will spend the remainder of the summer holidays working at the SSE site you have been allocated to until college starts again in the September.

Am I guaranteed a job when I finish?

On successful completion of your Apprenticeship your programme coordinator and your manager will work with you to look at your future opportunities at SSE.

Application Process

How do I apply?

You can apply now via our Careers platform

How long does the recruitment process last?

We typically advertise our roles from January – March and complete the majority of our face-to-face assessments in April. Prior to the assessment centre you will also be required to complete some online assessments.

If I’m unavailable for one of the dates, am I able to reschedule?

We’ll do our best to let you know when the assessment centres are likely to take place so that you can make sure you will be available should you be invited to attend but we understand that things can come up.  We will do our best to arrange an alternative date but we can not guarantee this. You can email our inbox if you find you have any issues at apprenticesandtrainees@sse.com.

How will I be notified about news regarding the programme?

You will be notified on the progress of your application by email. This includes any invitation to attend assessments or interviews.

I wasn’t accepted this year how can I improve my chances for the future?

We receive such a high volume of applications for the programme, that we are unable to provide feedback on applications that are unsuccessful before interview. If you are invited to a telephone interview or assessment centre then please ask our recruitment team and we’ll be happy to discuss your interview with you. Reach us on apprenticesandtrainees@sse.com

If I am not successful at gaining a place first time round, can I reapply the following year?

Yes. Your application would be considered for another intake of the programme you would just need to complete an application online the following year.

What happens once I get an offer?

We initially make offers to candidates verbally over the phone. We will then confirm this offer to you in an email and if you accept our offer we will then begin the process to get your contract of employment sent out to you. This can take roughly 6 weeks.

How can I contact the recruitment team?

If you haven’t found the answer to your question in our FAQs you can contact the recruitment team at apprenticesandtrainees@sse.com.