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Balancing impacts and making better decisions

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Developing and upgrading the energy infrastructure in the UK and Ireland is an essential part of providing the energy people need, and crucial in supporting the UK and Ireland in the transition towards low-carbon energy systems. We recognise that while new projects can create jobs, they can also have visual and physical impacts on landscapes and the environment. We therefore strive to develop these projects responsibly, listening to stakeholders and respond in a balanced way.

Protecting, restoring and enhancing biodiversity

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SSE's Biodiversity Report 2017 sets out the approach we take to managing the impacts arising from our core busines activities.

We recognise that biodiversity plays an important role in sustaining society and work to manage our impacts on biodiversity in a responsible and sustainable way. SSE's Biodiversity Strategy provies enduring principles to guide SSE when undertaking its activities, encouragig consideration of the environment and ensuring that SSE takes responsiblity for any impacts it may have on biodiversity, whether negative or positive.

Social return on investment

At £2.6bn, the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Limited (BOWL) project is one of the largest ever private infrastructure investments in Scotland.

SSE and its BOWL joint venture partners have undertaken an assessment of some of the most material social and economic impacts of the investment in BOWL, including SSE's first social return on investment (SROI) analysis and calculating the contribution on project expenditure to the UK and Scottish economies.

The report finds that for every £1 invested through the BOWL Community Fund, £3.21 of value is expected to be created for the communities, and that project expenditure will contribute £1.13bn to the UK economy and support around 18,100 years of employment in the UK.

Caithness-Moray transmission project

The Caithness-Moray transmission reinforcement is SSE’s largest ever capital investment at £1.1bn.

SSE has assessed the most material economic and social impacts of the 100 mile High Voltage Direct Current link between Spittal in central Caithness and Blackhillock in Moray, which include:

  • an estimated £643.5m to be spent with UK-based suppliers and contractors;
  • 217 local people employed in the rural north of Scotland;
  • and £3.55m spend on local accommodation in Caithness and Sutherland and Moray to date.

Click here to read the full report.

Galway Wind Park Sustainability Impact Report

Galway Wind Park (a joint venture between SSE and Coillte) is Ireland’s largest onshore wind development. Quantification of the economic, social and environmental impacts of the project found:

  • €88.7m added to Irish GDP and 1,657 years of Irish employment supported;
  • €20m spent with local suppliers;
  • an expected saving of around 190,000 tCO2 being released into the atmosphere in the first year of operation;
  • over €150,000 granted to community groups during construction and a multi-million euro community fund available during operation.

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