Group Executive Committee

The Group Executive Committee is accountable to the Board for implementation of agreed strategy through the operational management of SSE’s businesses.

The membership of the Committee comprises SSE’s Executive Directors (the Chief Executive; the Finance Director; and the Energy Director) and the Managing Directors of SSE’s core businesses (the Managing Directors for Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN); SSEN Transmission; and SSE Renewables).  Every meeting is attended by the Company Secretary and Director of Investor Relations; the General Counsel; and the Managing Director, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability.


Group Executive Committee Members:

Alistair Phillips-Davies - Chair and Chief Executive

Alistair has been with SSE since 1997, and possesses a detailed knowledge of the operations of each business area having held a number of senior roles throughout the Company. Prior to joining the Board in 2002 as Energy Supply Director, Alistair was Director of Corporate Finance and Business Development. In 2010, he became Generation and Supply Director, before Deputy Chief Executive in 2012, then Chief Executive in 2013. As Chief Executive, Alistair is responsible for leading the Group Executive Committee and for ensuring the delivery of strategy as agreed by the Board.

Gregor Alexander - Finance Director

Gregor is a Chartered Accountant. He joined SSE in 1990 and since this time has worked in various finance roles within the Company, including Treasury and Tax, prior to joining the Board as Finance Director in 2002. During his career Gregor has been instrumental in a number of the major transactions and investments which define the Group. His extensive and long-standing knowledge of financial markets and experience of shareholder views, has supported the development of SSE's financial strategy, and purpose to create value for shareholders and society.

Martin Pibworth - Energy Director

Martin joined SSE in 1998 as an energy trader, becoming Managing Director, Energy Portfolio Management, and a member of SSE's then Management Board in 2012. In 2014, he was appointed Managing Director, Wholesale, and a member of SSE's Executive Committee. Martin became Wholesale Director and a member of the SSE plc Board in September 2017. Martin is responsible for energy portfolio management, electricity generation, gas production, gas storage, and energy supply and related services for industrial and commercial customers.

Rob McDonald - Managing Director, Transmission

Rob has been SSE’s Managing Director of Transmission since April 2019. Prior to this Rob was SSE’s Managing Director Corporate and Business Services covering Legal, Regulation, Compliance, Safety and Large Capital Projects Services across the Group. Rob joined Southern Electric in 1997 and held various managerial roles within the Regulation Group including SSE’s Director of Regulation and Managing Director, Regulation and Strategy. In July 2006 he was appointed as a Board Director of Scotia Gas Networks plc.  Prior to that Rob worked as an economist with the Office of Electricity Regulation (OFFER). 

Colin Nicol - Managing Director, Networks

Colin joined SSE in 2010 to work on major projects capital investment, through which he led project development and delivery in SSE’s growing Renewables business becoming the Lead Director for Wholesale Development. In 2014, Colin became Managing Director, Distribution within SSE’s Networks business, joining SSE’s Executive Committee at the same time. In 2015 he was appointed to his current role as Managing Director, Networks, through which he has responsibility for SSE’s two electricity distribution networks covering northern Scotland and central southern England, and also the Transmission network in northern Scotland

Jim Smith - Managing Director, Renewables

Since November 2018, Jim Smith has been leading SSE Renewables, which brings the together the development and operation of all SSE’s renewables assets under a dedicated management team. Jim joined SSE in 1988 and has held a wealth of development, production and management roles within large scale power generation and transmission as well as renewables. Jim has also held roles in Energy Portfolio Management and was responsible for SSE’s generation, gas storage and E&P assets too. He was previously the Managing Director of Renewable Development, responsible for the development and construction of onshore and offshore wind power projects.

Group Executive Committee Regular Attendees:

Sally Fairbairn – Company Secretary and Director of Investor Relations

Sally Fairbairn joined SSE in 1997. Sally and her team provide company secretarial support and governance related services to the Group and are the contact point for the investment community.

Liz Tanner – General Counsel

As General Counsel, Liz Tanner has Group-level responsibility for SSE’s Legal Services, Large Capital Project Services, Compliance, and Regulation for SSE's market-based businesses and related matters affecting the SSE Group as a whole.

Alan Young – Managing Director, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability

Alan Young joined SSE in 2001 and through his role is responsible for, and oversees, SSE’s government and parliamentary relations and other stakeholder engagement, sustainability, strategy integration, corporate reporting and corporate communications.