Operating a diverse range of renewable generation

SSE had 3,275MW of Renewable capacity by the end of March 2016, including its share of joint ventures, with 2,731MW of this in GB. The GB portfolio comprised (net):

    1,150MW conventional hydro;

    900MW onshore wind;

    344MW offshore wind

    300MW pumped storage

    37MW dedicated biomass.

Output from around 1,800MW of SSE’s renewable portfolio in GB qualifies for Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs). Total electricity output from SSE’s renewable resources in GB and Ire was 9,695 GWh (including pumped storage) in the 12 months to 31 March 2016.

Output of electricity from renewable sources increased in 2015/16, compared to the previous year (9,695 GWh compared to 8,656 GWh) despite overall renewable operating capacity remaining largely unchanged (67MW commissioned in the year). The primary driver for this differential was the weather: put simply there was more rainfall and windier conditions in 2015/16 across Great Britain than in 2014/15. Availability and performance of the renewable portfolio has also remained very high throughout the period, allowing SSE’s assets to operate in these favourable conditions.