Producing electricity from hydro electric schemes

SSE owns and operates 1,150MW of conventional hydro electric capacity across 50 hydro electric power stations in Highland, Perth and Kinross and Argyll and Bute. A further 300MW comes from its pumped storage facility at Foyers, on Loch Ness.


Developing new hydro electric schemes

Consent for the Coire Glas scheme was granted in December 2013. Coire Glas could offer significant benefits to the GB electricity system in terms of capacity, balancing services and flexibility, particularly as the GB energy system moves towards an increasing amount of variable generation capacity. However, further development of the project remains subject to:

  • the availability of a timely grid connection date;
  • a satisfactory public policy and regulatory framework, including the final outcome of the Electricity Market Reform proposals and the transmission charging regime changes envisaged by Ofgem’s Project TransmiT; and
  • compliance with SSE's financial principles and its Major Projects Governance Framework.

 Whilst current policy and market signals do not favour investment in new pumped storage, SSE continues to explore the conditions for investment to allow progress with its 600MW consented pumped storage scheme at Coire Glas in the Scottish Highlands.