Energy portfolio management

EPM is responsible for ensuring SSE has the energy supplies it requires to meet the needs of customers; procuring the fuel required by the generation plants that SSE owns or has a contractual interest in; selling the power output from this plant; where appropriate, securing value and managing volatility in volume and price through the risk-managed trading of energy-related commodities; and providing energy solutions and services to customers.

Maintaining a diverse portfolio of energy assets and contracts

The wholesale price of energy can fluctuate significantly due to a number of factors including the economy, the weather, customer demand, infrastructure availability, and world events. EPM seeks to manage the impact of these variables by maintaining a diverse and well-balanced portfolio of contracts, and trading positions,. EPM provides a route-to-market for SSE’s Generation assets and helps Energy Supply manage its commodity risk. In doing so, SSE has:

  • greater ability to manage the impact from wholesale energy price volatility; and
  • more scope to deliver the investment needed in Generation and Gas Production because the risks associated with large-scale and long-term investments are contained by the balanced nature of SSE’s energy businesses.