Our wholesale segment comprises of six different business areas:


Electricity Generation is responsible for the operation, management and maintenance of SSE’s generation assets; and for ensuring these assets are available when required; and for developing future renewable and thermal generation projects.

The Generation division’s principal objective is to safely, efficiently and reliably maintain and operate a diverse generation portfolio, which includes a significant amount of renewable energy capacity, across the UK and Ireland.

Energy Portfolio Management

Energy Portfolio Management (EPM) is responsible for ensuring we have the energy supplies required to meet the needs of our customers and for procuring the fuel required by the generation plants that we either own or have a contractual interest in.

Gas Production

SSE’s Gas Production business ensures the efficient delivery of gas from the physical gas fields that we have a shared ownership in.

Gas Storage

Gas Storage is responsible for the operation and management of SSE's gas storage facilities, their maintenance and ensuring the plant is available for use by SSE and third parties.

Business energy

SSE Business Energy supplies businesses with electricity and  gas, offering a wide range of energy contract solutions including fixed and flexible contracts.

The Business Energy team serves a broad and diverse range of clients from micro businesses to large national corporates.   All customers are supported by UK based service teams providing support tailored to each businesses scale and scope. Our depth of industry knowledge means we are uniquely positioned to help businesses control their energy costs by providing advice and the tools to manage energy usage.

Energy Solutions

SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions helps business customers combat excessive energy use. Our energy optimisation expertise helps organisations understand how they consume energy and take action to manage usage and cut costs.


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