SSE Ventures was established to develop and grow our portfolio of investments in small and medium-sized businesses offering renewable, sustainable and energy efficiency products and services. The team is interested in products and services which support current activities within the SSE group or which we expect to play key roles in the future.

We welcome investment proposals from the UK, Ireland, Europe, the US and Asia. 

Partnering with us offers key competitive advantages:

  • Readiness and ability to invest
  • Extensive commercial, financial and technical experience of energy industry
  • Potential synergies with SSE Group businesses; opportunities to 'product bundle'
  • Strong, reputable brand
  • Route to market
  • Opportunities for installation of demonstration technologies at SSE sites
  • Ability to take a long term view
  • Commercial networks
  • Public affairs
  • Compliance and safety support

Investment portfolio

We manage a portfolio of nine direct and five fund investments.

Direct investments

Aquamarine Power - capturing energy from the sea

Aquamarine power develops wave energy technology and site development.

Find out more about Aquamarine Power.

BiFab - Offshore solutions

BiFab os a manufacturer of fabrications for the offshore oil, gas and renewables industries.

Find out more about BiFab.

Wind Towers Ltd - manufacturing wind turbine towers

Wind Towers Ltd is and offshore and onshore wind turbine manufacturer.

Find out more about Wind Towers Ltd.

ONZO - using data and anylitics to create smart solutions

Onzo provides big data and anylitics services with energy data for utilites.

Find out more about ONZO.

SSE Rogerstone - developing anaerobic digestion projects

SSE Rogerstone is a waste to energy (anaerobic digestion) project in Wales which creates heat and power from waste.

IE CHP Ltd. - developing fuel cell combined heat and power (CHP) systems

Joint venture with Intelligent Energy for the development of a fuel cell CHP unit for industrial and commercial markets, and testing and ensuring UK readiness of other appliances and products.

Intelligent Energy - creating clean power systems

Investment in Intelligent Energy which develops a wide range of fuel cells and also focuses on fuel processing, hydrogen generation and desulphurisation technology development.

Find out more about Intelligent Energy.

Logan Energy Ltd. - fuel cell supply and installation

Logan Energy Ltd supplies, installs and maintains fuel cells. It installed a fuel cell at the Palestra building in London, and is currently working on another project on London's Fenchurch Street.

Find out more about Logan Energy Ltd.

Premium power - manufacturing flow batteries

Premium power designs, manufactures, supplies and installs flows batteries.

Find out more about Premium Power.

Fund investments

Environmental Energies Fund

Fund focused on clean energy investments, managed byScottish Equity Partners. The portfolio currently includes:
Vital Energi -Community heating / CHP system design and delivery. 
Geothermal International 
Turnkey services for ground and airsource heat pump installations.
Green Highland Renewables - 
Small and medium scale hydro electric scheme project management. 
Cyberhawk Innovations - 
Unmanned aerial vehicles for inspections and surveys. 
Solar Century - 
Solar thermal and photovoltaic supply and installation.
Grey water recycling and heat recovery system development.
provides energy efficiency and microgeneration solutions to domestic and commercial markets, 
Smarter Grid SolutionsActive network management and 
Aquamarine Power - wave energy.

Sigma Sustainable Energy Funds - renewable energy funds

Fund focused on the renewable energy sector, managed by Sigma Capital Group.

Find out more about Sigma Capital.

VantagePoint - clean energy techonlogy

Fund focused on the clean energy technology sector, managed by VantagePoint Venture Partners.

Find out more about VantagePoint Venture Partners.

SEP IV - IT energy and health investments

Fund focused on growth equity and venture capital investment opportunities predominantly in the information technology, energy and healthcare sectors.