Fiddler's Ferry

  • Category: Thermal
  • Energy type: Coal
  • Project type: Asset

SSE bought Fiddler's Ferry Power Station in July 2004. We have made significant investment to reduce emissions at the plant to extend its life. We are commited to the local community and have an Educational Resource Centre available for use.

We are committed to complying with legislation on reducing emissions from Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station in order to extend the life of the plant. 

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Project information

SSE Generation owns and operates the 2,000MW Cheshire based Fiddler’s Ferry power station.
Coal-fired power stations continue to have a significant part to play in maintaining secure supplies of electricity and ensuring the most cost-effective portfolio of fuels.

SSE is pursuing the development of a range of lower capital cost advanced NOx abatement technology solutions and is currently investing in a £27m trial at its 500MW unit at Fiddler's Ferry. THe project includes the combination of Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction equipment, boiler combustion modifications adn the installation of an intelligent emissions control system. Preparation work is currently under way at the site with a view to completing installation by next winter. Pending successful testing this option may be expanded to additional units across SSE's coal fired fleet.

At a low capital cost this investment may provide SSE with significant optionality to operate its coal fired plant up to and beyond 2023. In doing so, coal generation can continue to provide SSE with a diverse, flexible and cost effective range of generation options ensuring it can deliver the lowest cost energy to customers while continuing to contribute to SSE's commitment to sustained dividend growth.

Compliance with the Industrial Emission Directive

With regard to the EU Industrial Emissions Directive, all of the capacity at Fiddler's Ferry currently complies with the Directive and has the option to operate for 17,500 hours between 2016 and 2023. Adding value to this favourable position SSE is investing in its fleet of coal plants gaining valuable experience and developing a range of options that can maximise the value and longevity of these assets.