• Category: Thermal
  • Energy type: Coal
  • Project type: Asset

SSE acquired Uskmouth power station following an agreement with Welsh Power Group Limited to acquire Uskmouth Power Company Limited, the owner and operator of the 363MW coal-fired power station.

Uskmouth is the UK's oldest and least efficient coal-fired power station and the plant is reaching the end of its technical life.

Unit 13 (120MW) ceased operation in April 2013. Following this change, Uskmouth has a generation capacity of 240MW through its two remaining units. Given the ongoing financial challenges at Uskmouth, SSE will notfiy National Grid that it will release all 345MW of the TEC for the Uskmouth site from 31 March 2014.

On 9 May, 2014 SSE took the difficult decision to close Uskmouth power station following intense efforts to conclude the sale of Uskmouth Power Company to a suitable purchaser. Read the full press release below.

PRESS RELEASE - Uskmouth power station closure (9 May 2014)