Tangy Repower

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  • Energy type: Onshore wind
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In August 2018, SSE submitted a Section 36 Application to Scottish Ministers seeking consent to replace the existing 22 operational turbines for 16 modern, more efficient machines.  If consented, the proposals could deliver over four times the existing installed generating capacity of the wind farm.

FINAL Tangy Advert IV Application Additional Information 9Oct18

To view the Tangy IV Section 36 Environmental Impact Assessment Report and key supporting Figures documents, please click on the following link to the Scottish Government, Energy Consents Unit Portal at http://www.energyconsents.scot/ApplicationSearch.aspx and search using ECU Reference ECU00000673.

It should be noted that the initial submission erroneously omitted a small number of pages containing figures, these have now been included and the representation period extended accordingly. The original planning submission advert can be found here.

Representations about the application should be sent to the Energy Consents Unit at www.energyconsents.scot/Register.aspx; by email to the Scottish Government, Energy Consents Unit mailbox at representations@gov.scot; or by post to the Scottish Government, Energy Consents Unit, 4th Floor, 5 Atlantic Quay, 150 Broomielaw, Glasgow, G2 8LU, identifying the proposal and specifying the grounds for representation.  Representations should be dated, clearly stating your name (in block capitals), full return email and postal address, no later than 23 November 2018


Quick overview

For 15 years, SSE’s Tangy Wind Farm, situated on the Kintyre peninsula, has been generating renewable energy. The Tangy IV proposal has optimised the previously consented Tangy III project, using currently available technology so as to realise the potential generation capacity from the exceptional wind resource available at the site and contribute to the Scottish Government’s ambitious renewable energy targets. 

SSE is seeking to increase the tip height from the consented 130m to 149.9m, thus increasing the generation capacity, potentially delivering more than four times the current energy generation than the existing site. All other elements of the site design (i.e. turbine locations, access track layout, etc) remain unchanged.



We recognise that our investments in new electricity generation benefit from the co-operation of the local community in a variety of ways, particularly during the construction phase.

Please visit our Communities page for more information. 


Public exhibitions were held during August 2018 in the local communities around the Tangy site. The events held in Tayinloan, Machrihanish and Campbeltown showcased the Tangy IV proposals and provided the public with the opportunity to discuss them with the project team. The exhibition boards displayed at these events can be found here.


Project information

Our proposals for Tangy IV Wind Farm include removing the existing 22 turbines, some of which have been generating since 2003, and replacing them with 16 of the latest larger and more efficient modern turbines which could see the installed site generating capacity increase from 18.7MW, potentially up to 80MW, taking advantage of the advances in wind turbine design, technology and efficiency and to maximise output from the site.  As an experienced and responsible developer our plan is to utilise as much of the existing site infrastructure as possible to minimise any local impact.

We have undertaken significant stakeholder consultation (including three local public exhibitions), extensive site surveys and careful design to minimise any project impact. The turbine layout has been designed to utilise as much of the existing infrastructure as possible.

We recognise the importance of the opportunities that our projects can bring to local communities and businesses during construction and throughout its long-term operation the project is anticipated to bring significant local opportunities such as:

  • Direct local employment both on site and within the local, regional and national supply chain;
  • Procurement of local plant and materials; and
  • Requirement for local accommodation for project staff.

Tangy IV Public Exhibitions

Press Releases

Campbeltown Brass blows with the wind

03 October 2018

Campbeltown Brass received a welcome gift from SSE’s Tangy wind farm with some much-needed funds to help get the band to the National Brass Band Championships.

With the event hosted in Cheltenham, the trip of epic proportions meant a bus journey of over twelve hours, around 466 miles from the band’s hometown, and also overnight accommodation, rehearsal space and other expenses, all of which proved a significant challenge for the band.

However, thanks to lots of hard work from the band members, supporters and other donations, including a generous donation from Tangy wind farm towards the overall costs, the band were able to make the lengthy journey and compete in this fantastic event.

Jon Soal, SSE’s Project Manager said: “Campbeltown Brass is a really successful community organisation at the heart of the local community and we are very proud to be able to help them.”

“With the operational Tangy wind farm and our current redevelopment proposals, we have been working in the local community for a long time, so when we heard that the band might struggle to get to the championships we wanted to do something to help them get there to experience such a great event.”

The National Championships is the most prestigious brass band competition in the world, running since 1945. The final stage in the competition is only open to those who qualify at the regional championships across the UK.  As current second section champions, Campbeltown Brass qualified to attend the competition as one of the final 18 qualifying brass bands.  The chance to compete in this prestigious music event is a fantastic experience for young musicians and offers bands the opportunity to play with the best in their section from across Britain.

Katrina Barr of Campbeltown Brass said: “The band are extremely grateful to SSE for the donation and it really made a huge difference to our fundraising efforts.”

 Campbeltown Brass

Pictured above: SSE’s Tangy wind farm gifts a donation to Campbeltown Brass for their trip to the National Brass Band Championships in Cheltenham.


Tangy wind farm looks forward to a new chapter of its renewable story

20 September 2018

The Kintyre peninsula looks set to receive a boost to its renewable credentials thanks to the submission of a new Tangy redevelopment application, with the potential to bring opportunities for local people and businesses alike.

For over 15 years, SSE’s Tangy wind farm, situated on the Kintyre peninsula, has been generating renewable energy and providing employment. Last week, SSE submitted a Section 36 application for Tangy IV wind farm, a redevelopment of the existing Tangy site.

The redevelopment proposals include removing the existing 22 turbines and replacing them with 16 of the latest modern turbines which could see the total installed generating capacity increase from 18.7MW up to around 80MW.

The proposals have optimised the previously consented Tangy III project, taking advantage of developments in wind turbine technology to maximise output from the site and contribute to the Scottish Government’s ambitious renewable energy targets.

As a responsible developer and operator of onshore wind, SSE is committed to ensuring as many local businesses and people as possible benefit from the opportunities our wind farm developments bring with them and plans to utilise as much of the existing site infrastructure as possible to minimise any local impact.

During construction and throughout its long-term operation, Tangy IV is anticipated to bring significant local opportunities including; direct local employment on site and within the supply chain, local provision of supplies, materials and plant; increased spend in local shops and businesses from the project and provision of local accommodation for those visiting or working on the site from further afield.

If consented, SSE would aim to ensure as many opportunities as possible are available locally and would hold a ‘meet the buyer’ event prior to construction so that local businesses can meet with SSE and its contractors and see how they might get involved.  As one of the UK’s biggest Living Wage employers, SSE guarantees those working on the project are paid fairly whether for SSE directly or across our supply chain.

As an important local employer, with around 130 employees, it is SSE’s intention to procure the turbine tower sections from CS Wind Ltd based in Machrihanish, who have previously supplied towers for over a dozen SSE wind farms.

Jon Soal, SSE’s Project Manager, said: “Tangy has been an exceptional site for SSE. The support we have received from the community over the past 15 years has been fantastic and is hugely appreciated by the project team.

“If consented, we hope that Tangy IV is able to build on the success of the Tangy site and bring benefits to the local businesses and communities alike both during construction and throughout the lifetime of the project.”


Public exhibitions

20 July 2018

SSE Generation is holding public exhibition events in relation to the proposed Tangy IV Wind Farm proposals.

We would like to extend an open invitation to these exhibitions to provide local communities and interested parties the opportunity to come along and meet with the project team, learn more about the project and raise any questions or concerts.

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Tangy team power through the Ultra

16 May 2018

On Saturday 5 May, 19 members of SSE’s Tangy wind farm team arrived in Kintyre to run, cycle and support the Kintyre Way Ultra.

The Tangy site has been generating renewable energy for around 15 years, but 2018 was the first year the Tangy team came together to take on the Kintyre Way Ultra. In total, they covered nearly 500 miles to help raise money for their chosen charities.

Completing the Ultra on foot or on two wheels is a huge achievement for anyone, but for Tangy’s Project Manager, Jon Soal, who took on the Ultra Cycle, it also provided a chance to see the area from a different side.

Jon said: “I’ve been through to Kintyre on numerous occasions over the years but I have never had a chance to experience it in this way. It was definitely hard going completing the Ultra Cycle but it was worth it, fingers crossed I will make it back again next year!”

Six members of the team were also on hand throughout the day to offer organisers and competitors support, from keeping moral up to driving support vehicles back and forth on the day.

One member of the team, local resident and SSE’s Wind Operations Supervisor, Craig Scally, was in charge of one of the SSE support vehicles.

Craig said: “The Kintyre Way Ultra is a fantastic event to be part of, whether you’re racing or helping to keep the race going.

“I’ve been working on Tangy for 13 years now and it’s great to have been able to give back to the community by supporting this spectacular event. Although I must admit, it was a bit easier driving it than running it!”

Tangy Kintyre Ultra 


Tangy project team take on Kintyre Way Ultra

25 April 2018

The Tangy wind farm project team, from renewable energy developer SSE, will be looking to make 13 their lucky number as a group of 13 employees tackle the Kintyre Way Ultra on 5 May.

With spectacular views along the coast from Tarbert to Campbeltown the team will be taking in the breath-taking sites as they take on the Ultra on foot and on two wheels.

An additional six members of the team will be on hand to help out on the day and cheer on the runners and cyclists as they take on the gruelling endurance task.

Michael Blair, a Senior Analyst in SSE’s generation business, is taking on the Ultra solo which will see him run 35.5miles. Michael will be running for MND Scotland, the only Scottish charity that supports people affected by Motor Neuron Disease, as well as funding vital research to find a cure, you can sponsor Mike.

Taking on not just a marathon, but an ultra-marathon, isn’t for everyone, but Michael is taking it in his stride. Michael said: “I figure events like this are more about determination than fitness – at least I hope so! I’m just going to take my time, try and enjoy myself and remember that I am doing this for a very worthy cause.”

Another member of the SSE team tackling the Kintyre Way Ultra, but on two wheels is, Jon Soal, the project manager of SSE’s Tangy wind farm. Jon, along with a number of members of the SSE team, is taking on the challenge to raise money for BEAT, the UK's eating disorder charity, with a vision to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders.

Two years ago a member of SSE’s renewables team lost his daughter after a lengthy battle with bulimia. Now the team is working hard to raise money and awareness of this often-misunderstood mental illness.

Jon said: “It’s amazing to be able to take part in something that is for a truly great cause. Our whole team want to support our colleague and help them raise awareness of eating disorders in the hopes that one day no one will suffer the pain that their family went through.”

“I’m a keen cyclist and I am always looking for a challenge to take on - this Ultra Cycle seemed perfect. Working on Tangy I’ve visited this area a number of times but I never experienced it in this way, I’m really looking forward to it.”

Good luck to everyone taking part on the day.