Hadyard Hill

  • Category: Renewables
  • Energy type: Onshore wind
  • Project type: Asset

Hadyard Hill wind farm is located in South Ayrshire, approximately 7km to the east of Girvan town and 3km to the north of the village of Barr. It can generate enough renewable electricity to power around 82,550 homes a year. This wind farm was the UK's biggest at the time of construction and the first onshore wind farm in the UK to generate above 100MW. The site covers a large area, high on the hills above Girvan, with a variety of land uses, including forestry, pasture and moorland.

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Hadyard Hill Extension Wind Farm

We are exploring the potential for an extension to the existing Hadyard Hill wind farm.

Find out more about the extension here.

Site Access / Visitors

We have recently installed two new 1.5m self closing gates on site. The first of these gates is located off the Dailly to Crosshill road and the second is within the site, providing safer access for walkers, cyclists and horses for the north east area of the wind farm within the site boundary. Please note strict restrictions are in place across the site and no unauthorised vehicular access is allowed.

Safety is our main priority. As an operational wind farm where regular maintenance work is carried out SSE asks all visitors to read the signage provided at the access gate to ensure they stay safe whilst being on site.

The site covers a large area of land and weather conditions can vary greatly – preparation is key. Plan your route and be realistic about what you can manage. It is also important to ensure you have warm waterproof clothing and sturdy footwear and that you stay on the access tracks. Mobile phone reception varies on site and can not be relied upon so it is also helpful to let someone know where you are and when to expect you back!

Scotland provides many great opportunities for outdoor access. The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 ensures everyone has statutory access rights to most of Scotland’s outdoors. The Scottish Outdoor Access code provides detail on these responsibilities with the three key principles being to:- respect the interest of other people, care for the environment and take responsibility for your own actions. For more information about the Code please click here: http://www.outdooraccess-scotland.com/the-act-and-the-code/introduction