• Category: Renewables
  • Energy type: Offshore wind
  • Project type: Project

The Islay offshore wind farm is a proposal for a 690MW development located 13km off the West Coast of Islay.

  • 13km off the west coast of Islay
  • 690MW capacity

For more information on our review of offshore wind please click here.

More information

Project information

Following a detailed review of the project processes, the development programme for the proposed Islay Offshore Wind Farm has been realigned while we work through the wider project risks and issues including securing a suitable grid connection and definition of the site boundary.

SSE currently plans to progress the EIA and consent application in 2014. This will allow for closer alignment with the associated transmission works schedule.

Met Mast
Our application for a met mast on Orsay Island in the Rhinns of Islay recently gained approval for four operational years at a Hearing in Portnahaven by members of Argyll and Bute Council’s Planning, Protective Services and Licensing Committee. We are pleased with the committee members’ decision which allows us to collect valuable wind data in order to progress the Islay Offshore Wind Farm, a key project in Scotland’s offshore wind portfolio that is expected to bring a number of socio economic benefits to Islay and the Argyll and Bute region.

We are currently progressing our plans for constructing the mast and it is expected that the met mast will be erected in 2014 (start date to be confirmed). Construction is expected to take place over a one week period, depending on weather conditions.

In advance of construction commencing, a public information event is proposed to be held in the Rhinns Hall, Portnahaven to allow local residents to find out more about our construction process. Details of the event will be publicised and communicated once our construction plans are confirmed.

We understand that there are some local concerns regarding the siting of the met mast and have endeavoured to address these as best we can. SSE Renewables will continue to work closely with local stakeholders and keep the community informed as we progress with construction of the mast in the coming weeks.

For further information on our met mast please download a copy of the information boards from our met mast information event that was held in the Rhinns Hall on 14 May 2013.

Community Engagement
SSE Renewables is committed to the Islay Offshore Wind Farm and we continue to work with local stakeholders and keep the community informed as progress is made on the project. Consultation for the Islay project is ongoing and we are keen to continue our engagement and build productive working relationships with the local community.