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SSE Renewables is currently finalising the design to facilitate the construction of the Clyde Extension wind farm, a 54 turbine extension to the consented Clyde wind farm situated between Biggar, Abington and Moffat. The project was consented by the Scottish Government in July 2014 and is expected to go into construction in Summer 2015.

Latest News

It is intended that the enabling works for the Clyde Extension project will begin on Monday 18th May. These works will take place at Access 1 (also known as the existing Access A for the Clyde wind Farm at Wandel) and will last for a period of roughly 3 weeks. The enabling works are planned  to form the construction compound and parking area along with works to reinstate the batching plant and are contained with the site boundary.  Please be aware that additional construction traffic will be travelling on the A702 during this time. 

The enabling works planned for access 3 at Tweedsmuir will not take place at this time, as originally communicated in the latest edition of the Clyde Ext Construction Newsletter, these works will instead take place during main construction which is planned to commence in late June this year. Further information on plans for the main construction works will be communicated in due course

If you would like to be added to the Clyde Extension mailing list for future updates, please contact Kirstanne McDowall at or call 0141 224 7569.


Clyde wind farm

The Clyde wind farm was officially opened by Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond. Clyde is one of the largest single consented wind farms in Europe and represents SSE’s largest onshore wind project to date.

The proposed extension site would be located in the land surrounding Camps Reservoir to the north-east of Clyde Wind Farm.



We recognise that our investments in new electricity generation benefit from the co-operation of the local community in a variety of ways, particularly during the construction phase. In recognition of this, our policy is to establish long-term funds to support community projects in areas where we are developing generation projects. 

Please visit our Community page for more information. 

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Project information

SSE Renewables is currently progressing a 54 turbine extension to the consented Clyde wind farm. The extension site is located in the land surrounding Camps Reservoir to the north-east of the consented Clyde Wind Farm site, situated within both Scottish Borders and South Lanarkshire Council areas. The extension will create an infill between the central and north sections of the existing Clyde Wind Farm.

The Clyde extension proposal was consented by the Scottish Government in July 2014. To read our press release on the consent announcement please click here.

The project is expected to bring a number of socio-economic benefits to the Scottish economy during construction and operation including job creation, skills training, opportunities for local and Scotland-wide businesses, and a community benefit fund worth over £20m over the lifetime of the wind farm.

Clyde Extension could contribute as much as £121.1m to the Scottish economy during the construction phase and is expected, on average, to support around 500 jobs in Scotland through our supply chain contracts.

Engagement with local stakeholders and community groups will continue as we work to progress with development and address the planning conditions associated with the consent to enable us to make our final investment decision later this year.

If you would like to be added to the Clyde Extension Mailing List for regular updates on the project please contact Kirstanne McDowall, SSE Project Liaison Manager on 0141 224 7569 or email

Ground Investigation Works

We are currently undertaking Ground Investigation (GI) works at the site to investigate the ground conditions for the proposed wind farm. The works are programmed to last five months. These works comprise: pegging out; borehole tests; trial pits; peat probing and associated analysis and testing of results for the wind farm infrastructure.

You may notice plant and equipment on the hillside during these works.  Please note that these works do not constitute construction works/commencement of the development. 

We don’t expect the GI works to cause disruption to local people, however if you encounter any issues or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Kirstanne McDowall on 0141 224 7569 or email so we can work with you to resolve them. 

Opportunities for local businesses

If you are interested in being kept up to date with future “meet the supplier” events or would like further information on potential opportunities during the construction phase of the wind farm please contact Kirstanne McDowall on 0141 224 7569 or email;, to request to be added to the Clyde Extension local business register

Press release archive

SSE welcomes decision on Clyde wind farm extension
11 Dec 2012
SSE Renewables, the renewable energy development division of SSE, welcomes the decision by both South Lanarkshire Council and Scottish Borders Council to raise no objection to the proposed Clyde wind farm extension, situated between Biggar, Abington and Moffat.

The rulings represent a major step forward in the consent process for the development and SSE now awaits the final decision from Scottish Ministers, which is expected next year.

As a responsible developer, SSE has been in regular liaison with the community, local authorities and other stakeholders and has sought to address any concerns raised during the consultation process. This has included making amendments to the number of turbines, their location and ‘tip height’ – the maximum height of the turbine blades.

If approved by Scottish Ministers, the proposed 54 turbine wind farm will have a maximum generating capacity of 162MW and will be located to the north-east of SSE’s constructed, and recently fully operational, 350MW Clyde wind farm. Of the 54 turbines, 3 turbines are located within Scottish Borders Council boundary and the remaining 51 turbines are located within South Lanarkshire Council area.

It is predicted that the extension to Clyde wind farm will secure and create up to 500 full time jobs across Scotland during the construction phase and, once operational, will support a further 38 full time jobs. This builds on the 58 full time roles based at the existing Clyde wind farm, which includes 4 apprentices.

If consented, the Community Investment Fund associated with the Clyde extension could have a value of approx £20 million over the lifetime of the project. This adds to the existing Clyde wind farm fund of around £22 million which has helped to fund a number of community projects in South Lanarkshire, Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway including £110,000 to the Biggar Rugby Club for improvements to their grounds and a £25,000 award to the Save the Crook Inn Campaign in Tweedsmuir.

SSE is committed to using local businesses where possible and during the construction phase for Clyde wind farm almost £100m was spent on Scottish contractors and an estimated £3m was spent on local accommodation, food, fuel and sundries. If consented, the local economy could expect a similar boost during the construction of the extension.

Director of Onshore Renewables, Colin Nicol, said: “I’m delighted that both South Lanarkshire Council and Scottish Borders Council have raised no objection to the project and I look forward to the final decision from Scottish Ministers in 2013.

“Through the successful delivery of Clyde wind farm, we have demonstrated that SSE is a responsible developer who takes a sensitive approach to proposed developments. In planning the proposed extension to Clyde we’ve looked to use existing wind farm infrastructure where possible and minimise the impact to the local community.

“The proposed investment will bring significant benefits to the region through direct and in-direct employment, long-term support for community projects and a positive contribution to the local economy.”