Prepayment Price Cap

By the 1st April 2017 all suppliers, including SSE, will be capping prices for pre-payment meter (PPM) customers, in-line with new regulations from Ofgem following the Competition and Markets Authority investigation. The PPM cap  has been set by Ofgem to make sure it reflects the cost of supplying energy. No customer will pay more than the pre-payment levels set by Ofgem every six months, taking account of market changes.

We’re pleased to announce that the large majority of SSE pre-payment customers (over 75%) will see the overall cost of energy decrease. This is following three consecutive gas price cuts by SSE since November 2013.

However, due to an increase in the cost of supplying electricity, we have made the difficult decision to increase prices for a proportion of PPM electricity customers.

  • All SSE PPM gas accounts will see bills reduce, by 13% on average*
  • Around half of SSE PPM electricity accounts will see bills reduce, by 2%* on average, and the remainder of SSE PPM electricity accounts  will see an increase, of 3% on average*
  • The net impact of these changes mean that 94% of SSE dual fuel PPM customers will see the overall cost of energy decrease

We will be communicating with all customers affected to let them know how they are impacted and explain the options available to them. These changes only apply to customers on pre-payment meters and do not affect customers on standard credit meters.

For more information on the support available for customers visit here.

* general domestic meters based on Ofgem’s typical annual consumption of 3100 kWh for electricity and 12,500 KWh for gas per year