Capacity market results

SSE has provisionally secured agreements to provide a total of 3,239MW (megawatts) of de-rated electricity generation capacity from October 2020 to September 2021 in the GB Capacity Market auction.

The auction cleared at a price of £22.50/kW (kilowatt) with the provisional results published today and subject to confirmation by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

This means 3,794MW of SSE's de-rated capacity which prequalified for the auction did not secure an agreement, including its Peterhead and Fiddler’s Ferry Power Stations.

The results will not impact existing operations at any of SSE's operational stations, all of which will be available this winter.

SSE will continue to analyse market conditions and opportunities for 2017 and beyond, including the Capacity Auction in January 2017 for delivery in 2017/18 and business-as-usual operation in the market.