A sustainability first for a UK company

In a first for a UK company, SSE is publishing a Half-year Sustainability Statement to keep its customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders informed of the progress we’re making with our non-financial impacts. The statement, published alongside our Interim Results, is designed to complement the financial and operational report to shareholders.

This year SSE has been awarded an A- rating from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for our efforts to reduce carbon emissions in financial year 2015/16, demonstrating further progress both on transparency and emission levels. SSE has been responding to the CDP Climate Change Results since its inception and makes its responses to the survey publically available.

In keeping with its values as a responsible business SSE has also published the actions it has taken to help address modern slavery. It published its Modern Slavery Statement in April 2016 and has taken steps to ensure the practice does not take place within its supply chain. Research by SSE suggests less than 1% of the industries or products SSE procures could be at risk of modern slavery and SSE is continuing to train its employees to ensure they are alert to the issue.

Rachel McEwen, SSE’s Director of Sustainability, said: “Sustainability reporting across Europe is reforming at a fast pace, and it is clear investors and other stakeholders expect much more detail about all the impacts a company makes.  

"There's much more to SSE than simply it's financial and operational performance. That's why we want our social, economic and environmental performance to be open to scrutiny too.

“As this is the first time a UK company has produced a Half-year Sustainability Report we would welcome feedback on it or any other aspect of our sustainability performance.”

The Half-year Sustainability Statement acts as an update to SSE's full Sustainability Report, published earlier this year, which contains information about SSE's responsible approach to managing its social, environmental and economic impacts to ensure the long-term viability of the business.

The Half-year Sustainability Statement can be viewed here. Feedback on this or any other aspects of our Sustainability performance can be sent to sustainability@sse.com.